Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have not stopped looking at the picture of the Chicharrones I cooked the other day.

I wanted Mona to taste my new experiment. I was buying Liempo at Rustan's, Rockwell but the meat was not fatty enough for this dish. I asked the butcher why was there no fat!?!? He said, they rejected the pork belly with fat.

So.... Mona and I just kept staring at the picture. THIS picture!


I posted the youtube link in one of my blog posts but I will share the recipe here. Very easy to make and the was no oil splatter!!!!

Latin Chicharrones

1 K. Fatty pork belly strips, 1.5 inch thick

1 t. Baking soda

1 t. Fine salt

2 C. Water

Rub the baking soda on the rind of the pork.

Season with salt and let it stand for 30 minutes.

Lay the pork belly strips on the frying pan. Add the water and cover.

Midway, turn over the belly strips. When the water has evaporated completely, lower heat and cook until light brown in color turning the meat once or twice.

Remove Chicharrones from the frying pan. Let it rest for about an hour.

Using the same pan and oil rendered from the belly, fry the Chicharrones over high heat until the skin blisters. Be careful not to burn the meat or else it will taste bitter.

I removed the rind after frying then refried it in the same pan.

The rind became very crunchy.

I wish I could let you all try my Chicharrones or better yet.... You should experiment one of theses days!

Promise!!!! It was so easy to make!




  1. Dang gurl dang! Drool worthy fo sho!! Unfortunately, drooling is the only thing I can do. :(

    1. Ohhhh I'm sorry to hear that! But thank you for reading my blog.