Monday, November 30, 2015

Ka Escapades Christmas Party

My travel buddies and I had an early Christmas party.

Miko, Alvin and Martin! Doc Tricia and Doc BF! The Infantes: Eric, Jodie, Carrie and Gio!

It is hard to schedule an activity this December because it is such a busy time for everybody.

Jodie and Eric hosted our get together last night at their house in Paranaque. Thank you, Cabinmates!

I brought my Chicken Galantina.

Then everybody just ordered food.

Beef and Mushroom

With Mashed Potatoes

We ordered Lasagna from Mona.

Salad.... Ohhh I thought I took a photo!

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan

Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce

Our favorite activity after dinner is Videoke! I practiced for several days. Hahahaha But it still did not sound like I practiced.

Gift giving time after singing and our 2015 Christmas Photo op! Good thing Nyora Mona was able to follow.

We missed our fellow Ka Escapade Pinky who is on vacation in the US.

There are more Christmas parties this December! Oh dear Lord! I hope I don't get fat!

Hahahahaha I got this from my FB friend.

It's so like Lia!



Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wina's Birthday Dinner

Wina recently celebrated her birthday and she invited me tonight for a dinner she prepared for several days according to her husband!

I was with my Bel-Air Bibliarasal group, Emma, Vinnie and Tita Baby.

I've been attending the bi-monthly Bibliarasal and I always hitch a ride with her. We live on the same street.

She cooked a Spanish-Style Roast Turkey with meat stuffing on the side.

I don't normally like Roast Turkey especially if stuffed with croutons and herbs but I had second servings of Wina's bird!

Seafood and Chicken Paella

Baked Ham

Ceasar's Salad


And.... My ultimate favorite.... To Die For Chocolate Cake!

Wina baked it. I had 2 slices! That's a big thing for me bcause I don't normally eat cakes for dessert.

The highlight of my night was..... Taking Elle's picture!

I did not tell her to turn her head around but when she heard me snapping away, she turned her head to smile at me!

Happy birthday, Wina!

Praying for good health and more happiness!


In The Mood For Chinese Food

Sometimes, I surprise myself!


I have over a thousand posts and the titles just come to me in a snap. More often than not, they are quite witty.

Like today's post! It rhymes! Try and say it out loud, "In the mood for Chinese food!"

I went out the other day with Jing and Sherman. We had lunch at David's Teahouse in Greenbelt.

We had the usual dimsum....

My favorite sio mai!

Taro Puff


David's Fried Rice

Mixed Vegetables

Fried Spring Rolls, which I really loved!

Yesterday, FGM Cindy asked if I wanted to tag along. She and Billy will have dinner at Mann Hann in Century mall.

Of course, I said yes!!!

Hahahaha! After I borrowed siling labuyo from my neighbor, Cat!

I've learn to borrow from my neighbors! The other day, I had to borrow white onion from Vinnie because there was none in Rustan's Rockwell!

And today, I had to borrow a cup of cat food from Tricia because Hermie just informed me that we ran out!

As soon as I got the siling labuyo I waited for FGM to pick me up.

We ordered ....

Hototay Soup, it was piping hot!

Yang Chow Rice

Sate Chami

Sweet and Sour Pork

Beef with Broccoli flowers

Fish Fillet with Ampalaya.

Thank you so much, FGM! And for the Toffee Nut Frappucino, as well!

The other day when I went to Greenhills, I ate the spareribs rice.

Yesterday, lunch was at Luk Yuen in Glorietta. I had Taro Puff and pork ball congee.

Have I satisfied my Chinese Food craving?

I don't know. I would like to go to Binondo and eat at my favorite dimsum places.






Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rainbow Bridge

My friends said the Rainbow Bridge is where a pet goes through after he passes on to wait for his Master. Over there he is restored to his old healthy self.

Eileen sent this photo to me.

It helped a bit knowing that Wriggly will be alright.

But the thought was kind of hard to believe until I dreamt of my baby yesterday morning.

In my dream, I saw him go through a doorway! He was fluffy, rambunctious and naughty!

It made me so happy that I stopped crying whenever I think of him.

My son is back to his old jolly self.

I could safely say that I am not grieving anymore. I told you I would be okay in a few days. Just give me time to get over the pain of losing someone I love.

Of course, it helped ease the pain away when the abuloys started finding their way to my house.

Happy, who is Wriggly's virtual Ninang, sent flowers the very next day.

Over a period of several days, my neighbors sent lots of food to comfort me!

Tricia sent Roast Pork with lots of fat

and Sisig Bagnet.

Michelle sent Lumpia from DEC.

FGM Cindy gave me chocolates straight from HK!

Wina gave me Chicken Empanada and Banana Cake!

And a friend from the faraway hills of Alabang, Mona, visited me yesterday and she brought my favorite longanisa from Imus.

I told her to half cook it already because I do not know how.

I started going out again with FGM Cindy. We had dinner at Banana Leaf ....

Merienda at Pho Hoa.

I am not alone. I still have my other 4 legged furry children to love.

Lizzie, my rescue dog, who is as fat as a piglet now.

Sabrina... My baby girl.

Dukha... Sabrina's assistant.

Thank you so much everybody for just being there for me in my time of mourning.

I am back to my old funny, silly, crazy self.

I could not have gone through this without God's help. I prayed to him for the tears to stop falling and the next day.... He made me see that Wriggly was ok.

Therefore, I am ok as well.