Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wina's Birthday Dinner

Wina recently celebrated her birthday and she invited me tonight for a dinner she prepared for several days according to her husband!

I was with my Bel-Air Bibliarasal group, Emma, Vinnie and Tita Baby.

I've been attending the bi-monthly Bibliarasal and I always hitch a ride with her. We live on the same street.

She cooked a Spanish-Style Roast Turkey with meat stuffing on the side.

I don't normally like Roast Turkey especially if stuffed with croutons and herbs but I had second servings of Wina's bird!

Seafood and Chicken Paella

Baked Ham

Ceasar's Salad


And.... My ultimate favorite.... To Die For Chocolate Cake!

Wina baked it. I had 2 slices! That's a big thing for me bcause I don't normally eat cakes for dessert.

The highlight of my night was..... Taking Elle's picture!

I did not tell her to turn her head around but when she heard me snapping away, she turned her head to smile at me!

Happy birthday, Wina!

Praying for good health and more happiness!


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