Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crab Night

The last time I cooked Adobong Alimango was 2 years.

It is not a popular recipe but my neighbors love it. I just enjoy cooking it.

Am I the only one who thinks that the finished product looks so lovely?

Reminds me of the song during mass... "How lovely is your dwelling place.....".

Adobong Alimango is an easy dish to make but the killing of the live crab is quite traumatic especially for an animal lover like me.

Even if it is just a crab, you will be looking at its eyes directly when you kill it. They said, you have to poke it between the eyes.

You also have to open the crab while it is still alive to get the "aligue".

But once you get past that stage, it is not difficult anymore.

Babita asked her helper to bring home crabs from Quezon province.


They were huge and meaty "gay" crabs!!!

The fat was yellowish in color compared to the female crab which is color orange.

Total cooking time was probably 20 minutes.

We also had Daing na Bangus

Grilled eggplant

Boiled Okra

Bagoong from Tricia.

Babita let us try the Ukoy Puso ng Saging.

Mabel gave us Chocolate Mochi, pasalubong from Japan.

Everybody ( Mona, Babita, Tricia, Cat, Shey, Mabel and I) just shared in the cost of all the food.

Maybe I can cook it again but not that much. A piece or two perhaps?

Yes! That is doable!





  1. Those are aligue loaded crabs. Yum! ~~~ Brent's mom

    1. That was aligue from a bakla crab! Imagine if we used female crabs!