Thursday, April 18, 2019

My 24th Time in Boracay

Wow! 24 times already since my first time in March 2010.

I really loved Boracay back then.  I still do especially since it is so clean now after the rehabilitation of the island.

It is really beautiful....



Everybody's Happy Place.

First order of business, Vin - Vin Jumbo Siopao!

I took the AirAsia flight out of Terminal 4.  The siopao is only available in T2 and T4.

The flight was so short.  I think it only took 40 minutes.  I remember when they switched off the seat belt lights, I only had time to use the restroom and 5 minutes after, the Captain announced that we were about to descend.

A new, small arrival terminal???  No carousel, the suitcases were just offloaded manually on the platform.

Upon exiting the terminal, there were several vans from hotels and transfer companies waiting for the passengers.  I asked the guard where to get the tricycle to get to the port and he said I had to go all the way down to the main road!

Waaaahhhh  I told my Ate I felt so poor because I had to walk all the way to the trike station.  Then she said I should just arrange for transfer next time.

Hahahaha Of course, I love the DIY style, I was just feeling a bit of self pity at the moment.

To make up for it, I chartered my own tricycle! Hihihi.

I had the trike all to myself!

By the way, the coast of Caticlan is equally beautiful.

When I got to the port, they checked if I have a hotel reservation and put a stamp on the  printed hotel voucher.  They will not allow you to cross the channel if you do not have a reservation because they are limiting the number of people in Boracay.

I lined up for a long time to pay for the terminal and environmental fees and for a boat ticket.  When I got to the window, I did not realize I lined up for the Oyster Ferry!

I do not like riding the Oyster Ferry.  It is enclosed and air conditioned.  I usually feel nauseated whenever I ride the Oyster Ferry.

I had to line up again!

I wanted to ride the open air pump boat so I can feel the sea breeze on my face and see the waves while the boat is moving.

It was probably low tide when we reached Boracay after 7 minutes.  They used the floating dock!

Too bad I did not press the video button which I thought I did.  The dock was moving like a wave when you walk on it.

It was not scary and it was stable.

After a long E-jeep ride, the driver let me off when we reached Crafts of Boracay.

Then I had to walk with my luggage all the way to D'Mall because I was hungry already.

It was really hot at 12 noon.  As in hot, hot, hot.  When I reached Island Chicken Inasal, I was like a fountain of sweat.  I haven't gone swimming yet but then I looked like I took a dip in the ocean already.

Chicken Inasal - Pa-a and rice.

I ordered a can of Coke Zero.  I already stopped drinking soda if I could help it.  But I could not help myself.  It was just hot.  The heat was oppressive and add the humidity factor.  The air was drenched in moisture.  It was heavy and sticky and salty.

Hahahaha OK enough of the weather condition.  After lunch, I looked for the hotel Pinky booked. I was her guest.   I walked all the way to the white beach and I even used my new luggage with 8 wheels!  But even if your luggage has 20 wheels, I just discovered that it will not move on a sandy terrain!  I gave up looking for the hotel so I called them, which I should have done in the first place.  The staff said it was just a minute away from Craft's!  Where the E-Jeep dropped me off!!!  Waaaahhhhh!

Hahahaha  The glitches (read as stupidity) are what makes my adventures fun (NOT) and exciting.

I finally found the place, Fat Jimmy's Resort.  When I entered the room, it felt hot.

The AC wasn't working properly.  So I went to the reception to tell them about it.  The staff said they will replace the AC.

I swear! I really don't want to be Ms. Hard Time but what can I do?!?!?! It was not my fault the room felt warm.

When I got back to the room after some time,  another AC unit was installed.

How did they know I was going to change the setting to 16?!?!?!?!  It was as though they knew I would touch it!!!

I walked along the White Beach while waiting for Pinky.  There were so many people!!!

I never go to Boracay during the summer season.  I am not used to seeing a lot of people.  I jokingly posted in FB that it looked like I was in Divisoria and how could I possibly wear my 2 pc. bikini?!?!?!

And then.... TADA!  Pinky suddenly appeared!

Boracay Sunset = Chori Burger!

It is our favorite.

Our food journey in Boracay continues...

Hawaiian BBQ Ribs

Maya's Mexican Restaurant's Mango Melon Shake - It was sad because I asked for 50% sugar only.

Supermagic Burger at Station X

Hihihi My burger is the one in the background.  I asked them to put all the vegetables in Pinky's burger.

Strawberry Shake

My friends said there was no "sparkol" in my eyes.

When Supermagic Burger opened a few years ago, it was still by the beachfront and the food tasted so much better.  Maybe it was just my imagination but then my taste buds don't lie.

Pizza at The District hotel!!!!

The sunset was absolutely spectacular!!!

Our pizza looked like the sunset!

We loved it so much, we went back the next day.

Ice Flakes - my new favorite in Boracay!  It is in Deparis resort on the beachfront.

Mango Shaved Ice.

I really loved it to the point that I went back to Ice Flakes just before leaving the island for our flight back home.  I ordered the Watermelon Shaved Ice.

Knowing me, if I did not get to eat the Watermelon Shaved Ice, I would book a flight to Boracay just to eat the shaved ice.  It's my new favorite.

Jasper's Eatery!!!!

I read about it in Tripadvisor the last time I was in Boracay.  It is very near Craft's and our hotel.  I ate there everyday!!!!  It is a turo-turo place but all the reviews were positive especially about the cleanliness.

Sinigang na Baboy!

I ate it 2 times.

Bistek Tagalok with rice.  The meat was really soft, like marshmallow.

The lumpia was barely filled, though.


Fried Fish!  It was one of the most expensive items on the menu at 75 pesos each!

Nilagang Baka

Kare Kare

Ginataang Puso ng Saging

Arroz Caldo

Batchoy at Island Chicken Inasal

Even if it was so hot, I had to try the Batchoy.

Before heading home, I bought Batwan for Kansi in the market

and sili for Bicol Express.

What it about Boracay that makes us happy?

You can see from the smiles on our faces how ecstatic it made Pinky and I just being in the water.

There are new changes in the island but our love for it will always be the same.

Thank you so much Pinky for inviting me to join you in your vacation.

Until the next time, Boracay!  It will be my 25th visit!


My crazy Baliw (redundant) travel friends wanted me to do this photo shoot.

Puka Beach was the perfect setting because you can definitely "emote" because it was practically empty.