Sunday, June 24, 2018

Junkies Food Trip In Hong Kong 2018

Yay! Finally! The Junkies were complete in Hong Kong!

Cat, Mona Shey, Tricia and I left for Hong Kong last Sunday.

I let Shey try my favorite Spam Nori! I really love it.

We arranged for a  van pick up by Klook in the airport.

They are so efficient and reliable!  I have used their service several times already in Manila, HK and in Bangkok.

We checked in at my favorite hotel, Hotel Benito on Camaron Road, just a few steps away from MTR TST Exit B2.  I love the location because it is very convenient.

It is Sia's 2nd time in HK, lucky cat.

My favorite wanton place was closed already because we arrived quite late so we just ate a nearby restaurant.  We had wanton noodle soup.

Bon Jour on Carnavaron was still open! We were able to do a little pasalubong shopping.  I think they are the only branch which sells food items, the other branches only sell cosmetics and the like.  I bought my UCC coffee there.  I do not know why it is only $Hk21 whereas in other stores it is $Hk50-60.

I bought 3 bottles!  Even though I am not much of a coffee drinker.

We all had midnight snack at McDonalds! I love their sundae because it has nuts. The apple pie was flakier plus their fries were really crispy.

Then we all went to bed.  Mona and I visited the room of Tricia, Cat and Shey.  Hiihihihi I almost fainted! Their ac setting was at low and 25 C.

If you go to our room, I set it on high at 15C! Mona already knew what was coming so she brought a jacket with her.  Plus I pushed her bed near the window so she will not feel very cold.

I like the water in HK! I think it is soft water because it made my hair straight and shiny after taking a shower.

I woke up early the next day!

At 7 am because I wanted to eat dim sum at 8 am. 

Shey and Cat wanted to buy coffee first before going to the dim sum restaurant.

Joy Cuisine on Hart Ave.

We ordered a bowl of congee

2 orders of Hakao

2 orders of siomai

1 order of BBQ Pork Rice Roll

and Taro Cake. 

I thought it was Taro puff but it was a cake!!! 

Not good, it was like fried camote only.  But the rest of our food was ok.  Mona and I brought our own fork,spoon and knife!

I am so embarrassed! I just realized my travel companions eat so little!  They could only eat 1 siomai and hakaw each!  They tried the rice roll which I cut into 12 portions and they let me eat the rest of our order! The congee bowl was not big and they could barely finish it. 

Tricia went to Tung Chung with Babita who also booked on the same date as ours but she stayed on for 1 more day.

Next destination was Central! 

We went around the malls.


It was a public holiday so most of the "indays" were on their day off.

The only reason why I like going to central is because of the SUCKLING PIG!!!!

Take D2 Central Station Exit.

Left on Theatre Lane.

Right on Queens Road

After several corners turn right on Queen Victoria Street.

The restaurant will be on your right.  When you see the hanging roasted meat then you got the right place.

I ordered my favorite suckling pig rice plus lemon iced tea.  It was only $Hk63!!!

They also ordered suckling pig and roast duck.

I was very, very, very happy!  Obviously!

Next stop was IFC Mall because we wanted to eat at Shake Shack but when we got there the line was very long.

I had ice cream at Grom, instead.

We just took some photos and went around Lane Crawford.  The girls had coffee and croissant at Fuel while I went down to buy buns at Tim Ho Wan.

In the evening we met up with Babita and Tricia at Spring Deer Restaurant sans Mona who had a bum stomach.

We ordered the Peking Duck.

Sad to say the quality has declined already plus the staff was very "road"!!!!  Hahahaha I mean rude.
The restaurant smelled bad also... smelled like a composting bin.

The Crispy Beef with sesame pockets was really good!!!! 

Tricia and I plan to experiment one day.

We also ordered Fried Rice

Deep fried mutton which tasted like our crispy pata.

Sauteed Baby Bok Choy.

Pickled lettuce.

I bought a choux pastry at Owl's just below Spring Deer.

Shey made a youtube video.

After dinner, Mona and I met up with FGM and Ninong at Marco Polo Prince.  We had a late snack at the restaurant across their hotel.

They were also in HK with the same travel dates but longer by 2 days.

It was just like bumping into each other in Rockwell!

I woke early again the next day.  After Cat's And Shey's coffee run,

we met at our favorite wanton noodle place on Hart Ave.

We ordered the soup with wanton only.

The day's itinerary was shopping in Causeway Bay!

Sogo supermarket.  Look at the small Pepsi 0 Calorie drink!

Of course I had to try it.

Also, a cookie with custard filling.

Ikea!!!!  My favorite store.  I bought a lot of kitchen gadgets and pasalubong for friends.

Babita met up with us in Ikea. 

She, Tricia and I had lunch at Delicious Kitchen while Cat, Shey and Mona went to Windsor house for toys and shopping at GU.

The best seller in Delicious Kitchen is the Fried Pork chop!

We loved the pickled cucumber.

Fried Rice with chunky salted fish.  We ordered 2!

Across the restaurant we discovered Daiso!

Another favorite of mine! That was where I bought Snowball's pasalubong, the rubber duckies!

Tricia and I went back to our hotel to rest and to wait for the Junkies who went shopping.  My legs were really painful by that time from all the walking.  I took a hot shower to relive my back pain and leg pain.

Then it was time to head to Harbour City for dinner!

Our favorite Peking duck restaurant.... M&c Duck.  Babita had dinner with us.

We also ordered Fried Rice with shrimps and avocado.

Cabbage with ham

Xiao long bao

Sweet and Sour Pork

Chili Chicken

We bumped into FGM after dinner!

It was like the whole Bel-Air neighborhood was in Hong Kong!

Late night for everybody... Cat and Shey shopped some more toys and electronic gadgets for their kids.  Tricia, Mona, Babita and I just walked around.

Another video by Shey.

It was time to say bye to the rest of the Junkies.  The Klook van picked them up at 7 am.  I told them they need not wake me up.

A new day for me! After a quick shower, I headed to Very Good Restaurant on Nathan road for breakfast.

I had the Hakao

Taro Puff

And rice roll with BBQ Pork.

The food was good... but they did not have soy sauce!!! They only gave me chili sauce.  Maybe it was a language miscommunication but I do not enjoy eating dimsum without "toyo"!

I checked out of my hotel at 10 am so I can take my time and eat in One Dimsum.  I have been attempting to go to that restaurant for 3 years already!  It used to be a cheap Michelin awardee restaurant.  Line was really long when I got there at 11 am.

Prince Edward Station Exit A.
Turn right on Playing Field Road
Left on Tung Choi Street

I lined up for 30 minutes under the sun and then they gave me a table for 1.  Perfect!

Since it was my last hurrah in HK, I ordered quite a lot for 1 person.

Sio mai


Ham suy kok

Steamed BBQ buns

Custard buns

All of that for only $HK106! 

No wonder there were so many people willing to line up to eat inexpensive but good dimsum.

Next station was Yau Ma Tei!  It is where you buy cooking and baking materials and equipment.

Many stores on Shanghai Street.

I bought a stove top waffle maker! 

I am waiting for the Junkies to experiment, especially Cat! Hihihi she is very patient when it comes to tedious cooking and baking procedures.

I met with Cindy in Ocean Terminal to kill time before heading to the airport.

Of course, I had to eat my Godiva ice cream, White Chocolate flavor.

Then an Italian gelato at Venchi. 

FGM said she had that in Italy.

Before heading to the airport I bought Choy Sum at International Supermarket on Humpreys Ave.

I took the Airport Express train and used the Klook voucher I purchased before the trip.

Whenever I am in an airport, after clearing immigration, I always check where my gate is before I roam around.  On the boarding pass I was holding, it said gate 106.  I went down several  escalators and took a train ride.  I could not find my gate and asked the lady at the information desk where my gate was located.  She said there was no gate 106.  So I asked her how to get back from where I started.

"There are no trains going back.  You have to walk."

Walk?!?!?!?  And I did so quickly.  I used several walkalators and overtook everybody and then I was where I started.  I asked the lady from the information where the airline services were located.  I wanted to ask about the gate and plus the fact that I bought my seat, 2F and not 6c that was indicated on my boarding pass.  After she looked at my pass, she said....

"That's a MNL HKG boarding pass!"

Oh my holy cow!!!  My HKG MNL boarding pass was tucked in my passport.

Hayyyyy  hahahaha eng eng.

After eating 9 orders of dim sum in the morning, my shorts were quite tight, but after almost running in the terminal, my shorts became loose and almost fell to the floor.

I just had a quick snack, Popeyes chicken.

I did not even finish it because I had to go to my boarding gate already.

So.... I went down several escalators and took the train again.

Only to see that on the flight schedule board, it said that it was already the final call, a flashing red FINAL CALL!

I had to rush again to my boarding gate and when I entered the plane it was almost empty!

I asked the stewardess why did the board say Final Call and not Boarding????  She said it was because they were early and were allowing the passengers to board already.

She probably saw that I was so frazzled that she offered to give me a glass of water.

Why would they say Final Call when they were just waiting for passengers to board?!?!?

Hayyy.... end of my airport adventure.  The flight was uneventful, Thank you, Lord.

I enjoyed my vacation with my neighbors. 

The highlight of my trip was of course, the food, no doubt about it.... but also the times the Junkies and I spent in the room, chatting, eating chips and fruits.

Thank you so much dear Junkies for the fun and laughter in Hong Kong! 

Let's plan another trip next year!