Friday, September 22, 2017

Junkies In Hong Kong 2017

It was the first international trip of the Junkies - Shey, Mona, Cat and Lia.

It was Mona's birthday celebration.  Tricia was not able to go with us because of important pressing matters.  We already purchased our tickets several months ago.  We sure missed her so much!

Late lunch at Mc Donald's NAIA T3.

and coffee for Shey at Seattle's Best.

Our destination was Hong Kong.

Food! Lots of food and shopping!

Our ride was an Alphard van provided by Klook.  If you are traveling in a group, the van is good for 6 persons.

We checked in to our hotel, Hotel Benito.

Shey and Cat shared the Twin room.

Mona, Sia and I shared a Standard Double Room.  It was Sia's first time in HK.

We were rushing to head out for dinner at Lung Kee Wanton.  Babita recommended the place.

Wanton Noodles Soup!


And the rest of the Junkies loved it, as well.

I want to go back to HK just to eat the jumbo shrimp wantons!

Shopping around the TST area was next.  I do not shop for clothes because I seldom find something in my size.  So, instead, I walked up Carnavaron Road and saw a little dim sum place.

I had the Hakao

and the sio mai.

I messaged the Junkies that I was eating in a resto, and that it was just a few meters from the corner of Granville and Carnavaron Road.

I messaged them again that a white delivery van was parked in front.

Then after a while I told them the van left already and an Alphard was now parked in front of the restaurant.

I already finished my first midnight snack, there was still no sign of the Junkies.

Walking down the road, I saw Bonjour.

While the girls were busy clothes shopping, I was busy food shopping!

The branch of Bonjour on Carnavaron was bigger than their other branches and it had food and snacks.

And then.... TADA!

I saw the Junkies in Bonjour with lots of shopping bags!

We had a late midnight snack at Mc Donalds!

The Hot Fudge Sundae and Apple Pie really tasted so much better than what we have here in Manila.

We did not sleep yet when we got back to the hotel because we planned what to do and where to eat the next day.  Such a long discussion. So many food to eat, so little time.

RRIIINNGGGG!!! At 7 in the morning! Really?!?!?!

Shey called up Mona so they can go out already to drink coffee and eat breakfast.

I could not get up.  I am not a morning person.   Even if I got up and joined them, I could not eat that early in the day.  I told them to go ahead without me.

They went to N1 Coffee on Mody Road.

After breakfast, we went to Central to eat at my favorite hole in the wall restaurant called Lung Kee Roast on Queen Victoria Street, just a few minutes walk from Central Station.

Suckling PIG!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suckling pig!

They also ordered suckling pig and roast duck.

After shopping, again, hahahahaha it was time to eat, AGAIN!

I was looking for Luk Yu Tea House on Stanley Street when I accidentally saw Lobster Central!

Meant to be!!!

We tried the Lobster Roll.

Coke Zero! Prior to the trip, I tried not drinking soda. I lasted a week and a few days.

How can you not drink soda when you are on vacation?!?!?

We then went to Causeway Bay.  I went around Sogo Supermarket while Shey and Cat went upstairs to check out the make up section.

While waiting for the 2 who were busy shopping, again, I discovered something really, really, really, really YUM!

Black Chocolate Truffle ice cream of Dalloyou, Paris.

It smelled so heavenly but Mona said it tasted like pasta sauce.  WAAAAHHH!!! Party Pooper!

Mona got the Godiva ice cream instead.

I also ate Kobe Meat Pie.

It was ok.

My friend said I have to try the Coca Cola from other countries so I bought a small Coke from Japan.

I could not tell the difference because my last regular coke was in year 2000.

Finally, the 2 went down to the supermarket.  It was their turn to eat ice cream.

Black Chocolate Truffle for Cat.

And.... at long last! I do not have to eat Godiva ice cream for Shey anymore!

"Shey! Can you please give me a good shot? Stop eating first!"

She was really unstoppable!

Next stop was in Windsor House.  We ate at Tao Heung Pier 88.

According to Dr. Gerry and Yummy Magazine, we should try the Hakaw.

We also ordered Shrimp Siomai

2 kinds of congee

My favorite (I have a lot of favorite food) Baked BBQ Pie!

They went shopping in GU, same company as Uniqlo.

I just sat on the bench because my feet were killing me.  Then, only to find out that Yaya Hermie tied the shoe laces so tightly it was cutting off the circulation of blood of my feet!  I felt so much better after loosening the laces.

IKEA!!!  Yehey!

I bought Snowball a few plush toys.

We also tried the meatballs in Ikea.

Several hours after, we headed back to the hotel via UBER.  We were so tired plus we all had big and heavy shopping bags.

Dinner was at the nearby Ichiran Ramen.

It was not like the Ichiran in Japan where you eat in individual booths.  They had tables and chairs instead.

Sooo tired and we called it an early night but not after purchasing additional baggage allowance.

I could not make it to breakfast the next day.  They went back to N1 Coffee.

Brunch was at Lung Kee Wanton Noodle.

It was really so good that we had to eat there again.  No more noodles this time but just plain soup with the jumbo wantons.

I could have brought home the wanton but what I should have done was to buy it the night before and store in the freezer until it was time to travel.  I always bring an insulated bag whenever I go on trips.

Shopping, again, around TST before heading back to the hotel to check out.

Lunch was at M&c. Duck in Gateway, Harbour City.

Sio long bao, really tasty and good.

Peking Duck!

4 ways !

What was so funny,  Mona and Cat???

Pandora's Box!

I ate again at Dalloyou's Black Chocolate Truffle ice cream.

They have a branch in Gateway, 3rd floor near Godiva and City's Super.

Then there was no more time to eat and shop!  The van picked us up to take us to the airport.

As soon as we were done with check in, baggage drop off and immigration, I told them I was too tired to go around the Duty Free shops.  I just bought Popeye's Chicken with buttermilk biscuits.

Then we had a light snack at The Spaghetti House.


Pasta with crabmeat and shrimps.

My Coke Zero.

It was time to go home!!!


Flight was delayed by almost an hour.

But it really did not matter. We were still in high spirits until we got home.

I thought it was just me but the rest of the Junkies really had so much fun to the point that we want to have another trip abroad.  We sure clicked with each other.

Always a fun and funny moment.

We are still experiencing separation anxiety.  We want to relive and "re-eat" the Hong Kong experience.

Super thank you my dear Junkies - Mona, Cat and Shey for a memorable vacation!

Let's do this again soon and often!