Monday, September 4, 2017

Last Hurrah For August 2017

Last day of my birth month and I still had some happenings.

I woke up with a very wonderful text from Corry, Mona's sister.

"Do you want to have lunch today? My birthday treat to you."

The answer was YES!  We had lunch at Tim Ho Wan, Glorietta.

Sio Mai


Beancurd skin roll

Radish cake

Vermicelli rice rolls with shrimps

Baked BBQ buns.

Thank you so much, Corry!

Then we met up with Cristina.

Dessert Treat at Woo Yoo by Cristina! "Salamat Doc!"

Snow Ice dessert by the cup.

My birthday dinner with the Bel-Air ladies: Shey, Mia, Babita, Tricia, Maio, Cat and Mona.

I brought home some food items from Cebu.

Sinigang na CNT Lechon (no picture)

Chicharon from Carcar

Doming's Ngo Hiong

Rico's Spicy Lechon

Then I just cooked Shrimps with Butter Garlic and Seven Up.

Homemade Bagoong with Indian mangoes

Chinese Sausage from Bangkok

It was Maio's birthday last month and we had a joint celebration.

She ordered Lasagna from Mona

And she brought shrimp wrapped in bacon.

Her cake was from Sugarbee.

My cake from KST!

Hahahahaha... a back story.  I knew they were going to distribute the cake to KST birthday celebrants while I was in Cebu.  I asked Mona if she can tell them to have it delivered to my house with a big DO NOT TOUCH sign.  So afraid that Kuya might get it! I needed it for the picture taking!

Good thing it survived the night!

Thank you dear friends for celebrating my birthmonth with me!

Happy Birthday Everyday Lia has officially ended.


I had a "guest" who wanted to join the festivites.

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