Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dim Sum in Chinatown

I had errands in Manila yesterday and today.

The traffic situation in Manila this afternoon was horrible! It took me an hour and a half to get to Intramuros from Makati! One lane on Roxas Blvd. has been closed because of the Shell Marathon until March 2. FYI.

Of course, after my errands and ordeal, I rewarded myself!

I was just in time for the dim sum promo at King Chef Lucky Chinatown.

I ordered .....

Sio Mai


Chicken feet

Fried prawn dumplins

And... HK rice rolls.

Yesterday, the reward was dim sum at Wai Ying.


Asado Cheung Fun

Radish Cake and Ham Suy Kok.

I am so tired after all the eating and walking and sitting in a vehicle for hours on end.

Good thing, I only go to Manila occasionally. Imagine if I have to deal with the traffic situation everyday?!

And yet I know of some friends who go to work in The City of Manila. They have no other choice.




Tambai and Señor Pollo with the Junkies!

There are new little unassuming restos around Bel-Air near the Polaris/Burgos area. No frills, no AC.

One of them is Tambai.

It is owned by the relative of Mona.

They serve different kinds of yakitori and they have a Belgian beer aside from San Miguel beer.

And other Japanese Food.

It is a take out shack with small tables and chairs on Felipe St. across El Chupacabra.

We tried the U.S. Beef Finger ribs.

So tender, and a stick comes with a big chunk of melt in the mouth beef fat!

U.S Pork Yakitori

Soft Shell Crab Tempura with Takoyaki kind of sauce!

Quail eggs wrapped in bacon. (Minus 1 piece!)

After our appetizers at Tambai, we wanted to eat at El Chupacabra but it was SRO!

Next best option was Señor Pollo on Ebro St. Tooooo dark and music was a bit loud for our mid-life ages!

We ordered the Jalapeño and Cheese Quesadilla.

Hot wings

With Patatas Bravas

Spicy rice.

We also ordered the Roast Chicken

With fries and another serving of rice!

The chicken was moist and tender! Too bad we were so full already! We didn't finish our order of Roast Chicken.

While waiting for our food, I ate the Balut I bought in front of Tambai!

I loved it! The duck fetus was so small!

We were with a friend who treated us at Señor Pollo! Thank you!

Junkies! Until our next eating night out!


Did the Junkies sleep over at my house?

Because we started cooking breakfast at 7:30!

In the morning!!!

We had this breakfast planned since Tricia's birthday last month! Shey and Cat already sent their bacon and Danish butter several days ago. Tricia couldn't make it today so she just sent the eggs. She was supposed to make French Toast but had to bring Bea to the doctor.

Cat made the Hollandaise sauce for the eggs Benedict! I poached the egg and Shey sliced the bread!


I cooked the bacon

And then.....

Used the Bacon oil to fry eggs!

After the eggs Benedict, they ate garlic rice fried in bacon oil, bacon and fried eggs!

Mona's dessert was the equalizer!

Fruits! To wash down all the bacon grease.



Monday, February 23, 2015

Lunch at Jona's

We had a seafood lunch at Jona's today!

Our usual Kare-Kare lunch was put on hold because Jona does not eat meat during lent.

She cooked Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

We all loved her Adobong Pusit!

She taught us how to cook it. Mine usually turns out so watery.

Jing brought Tinapa Fried Rice!

I cooked Fresh Vegetarian Lumpia with homemade wrapper.

The bagoong from Farmer's Market is really so delicious!!!!

I had to buy for Jona yesterday because I know she will love it.

Mariger's new business endeavor, Gourmet Tuyo!

We all enjoyed ourselves today! Thank you!

Don't forget! We need our booster shots every so often!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Diet Went On Vacation

My self-destructive alter ego named Marsha got envious.

She said, if I went on vacation for a week, then my diet will also go on vacation!

For 1 week, I can eat all the wheat and carbs that I want!

I was not able to indulge when I was on a holiday. I was afraid to get sick abroad, so now.....

It is Carbs overload!

Bread! Bread! Bread and more Bread!

My favorite Potato bread from Iko's - a bake shop on C. Raymundo St. Pasig.

I also tried Ponderosa but their Potato bread is the best! I could finish the whole pack!


My favorite Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti with mushy noodles!

Fried chicken with Panko breadcrumbs!

Garlic bread!

I ate about half a baguette with French Butter!

Pizza! I even had a Pizza and Pasta night with the Junkies!

We also baked Lengua de gato and made Leche flan because we did not want to waste the egg yolks with our teen bakers, Bea and Marga.

I had merienda with FGM Cindy at Tim Ho Wan.

She asked me what my 2nd choice was in case there was a long line.

I told her, There is NO other option! The power of positive thinking.

Voila! We found a table for 2!

I ate 5 FIVE pork buns!!!!!

FGM only wanted 1,

Then we ordered.....

Shrimp Vermicelli rolls

Asado Vermicelli rolls


Spinach Dumplings

Wasabi Prawn Dumplings

And today.... My legs brought me to Chinatown!

I ate at President's Grand Palace. My favorite Sizzling Noodles with Seafood because it is Ash Wednesday today.

No meat but the priest said I am excempted from fasting because I am diabetic.

I only have a few more days to indulge so I am trying to cram everything into my eating schedule.

S and R Cheese Pizza!

I just baked a batch of Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Walnuts and 72% Dark Chocolates!!!!

Yes!!! All mine!!!! Ok... Not all... I am giving a few pieces to my neighbors.

I have to say, this is the best Chocolate Chunk cookies I've ever baked! It was so embarrassing! You should have heard me while eating it! Hahahaha No wonder people look at me sometimes when I eat.

Just a few more days of "carbful" living and then back to the low carb lifestyle.