Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Boodle Feast

Happy Valentine's!

Hahahahaha The Batgirls with Batman and Robin just found an excuse to celebrate and eat!

I saw a photo of our friend in Australia and she had a Native feast! I took a screen shot and told the girls I also wanted to have something like that.

Mayette's house is the perfect venue for the Ihaw ihaw!

With the "farm" looking yard!

They have many fruit bearing trees. It is my first time to see a pomelo tree!

Our Ihaw Ihaw Boodle feast!

Mayette cooked her famous Adobo

And she also made green mango salad with grilled eggplant.

I just bought Chicken Inasal from the Magnolia Chicken Station and our favorite griller, Sherman cooked it for us. Thank you!

Jing and Sherman brought Liempo for grilling.

Mona and Corry brought Bangus and shrimps.

The bangus was PERFECTLY grilled! Mona gets her fish from BF Market. So white, moist and simply the best!!! I don't usually like Inihaw Na Bangus but I could not stop eating it.

We invited Sammy to join us and he brought Heaven's BBQ.

Tricia brought fresh fruits for dessert!

Mon got us Kesong Puti ice cream!

Chocolates were the appetizers!

And...... Surprise!!!!

Celina's Valentine's gift for us!

She asked me to buy crabs in Farmer's for everybody!

Thank you so much, Tale!

This is the kind of food that we all love!!!! We were all soooooooooo busy eating and eating!

Everybody was happy and full!

Thank you, Mayette and Jon for hosting our Boodle Ihaw Ihaw!


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