Thursday, February 16, 2017

My 21st Visit To Boracay - Part 2

Fun and Happiness in Boracay......

That was the last part of my previous post. Part 1

There is a certain kind of people whose company you enjoy immensely because they make you so happy!

Whenever you are with them, it is always a positive and fun experience.

You cannot contain your laughter and I mean belly laughter with matching tears when you are with the Ka Escapades!

They are the best travel mates!

The rest of the gang arrived in Boracay on February 9.  Cristina and Bernie.  Eric and Jodie.

Cristina asked Pinky, Mona and I to prepare a little surprise for Jodie. An advanced birthday brunch.

We decorated the room with buntings we bought at D' Mall.

Bought a cake at Quency, D'Mall.

Cooked shrimps with Butter Garlic.

We bought freshly baked pan de sal from Julie's and served the Bicol express, Menudo and Adobong Pusit.  Mona fried sliced SPAM and we had French Butter from Craft's, peanut butter and cheese whiz.

As soon as the doorbell rang, we played the Happy Birthday we downloaded from Spotify.

Jodie was overwhelmed and she said, she did not have any inkling that we would surprise her.

We were so careful in planning it.  We had a different chat group just for "Josie's Berdi"!

After brunch, we changed into our "vacation" t-shirts.

And had photo ops at White Beach.




Thirst quencher, McDo's Frozen Royal!

Hahahahaha! Lisa hates my hat and my very cool shades!  I love them both!

We checked out from Azalaea .....

Then... Mona and I transferred to Lime Hotel, which is just across Azalea along the Main Road.

They even gave the rest of the Ka Escapades Welcome Drinks even though they were not billeted at Lime.

That was a nice gesture.

And then, we went to Oceanway where they would be staying for the duration of the trip.

The condo unit  is owned by Cristina's friend and he let them use it.

We brought out our snacks while we rested for a bit.

Then off to Puka Beach!

Beautiful, as always!

Hahahaha! I meant the beach!  Ok, I am going to be kind to myself.   I really meant to say, I am beautiful.

More photo ops at Puka...

After our short and very eventful (will tell you all about it on my next post.) time at Puka, we  headed to Willy's to eat merienda.

We ordered Mango Shake and Pancit Bam-i.

Sunset swim!  The water was a little bit chilly but we did not mind, at all!

In fact, we loved swimming in cold water!!  I wish I could post the live video Pinky took while we were in the water.  Pinky's Live Video  (Not sure if I shared the video correctly.)

I excused myself from the Ka Escapades because I had a date at The Jeepney Stop, D'Mall.

The Lechon was waiting for me!  I made sure to arrive early this time.  I was not disappointed!

I really loved the Lechon!  The skin was as thin as paper and it was like biting into a crystal sheet!

I have eaten a lot of lechons in my life but this really ranked way up there!!!  As in, up, up and away!

They found me!!!!!

It was a very satisfying pre-dinner meal.

Dinner was at Boracay Toilet.

Jodie's birthday treat!

We had Sisig,

Seafood Teriyaki

Tortang Talong

Inihaw na Liempo....  5 out of 5, in my opinion!

Kang Kong

Bagoong Rice

Dessert at Ti Braz.... different kinds of crepes.

And then we called it a night.

The next morning, they went to Lime to hang out with us for a few minutes.

It felt so sad when we had to say our goodbyes to Cristina, Bernie, Eric and Jodie.

Wish we could have stayed with them but Pinky and I had another adventure waiting for us.

How do you spell Fun and Happiness?????

You spell it this way....


Thank you so much, my travel buddies.  Another memorable vacation for the books!

I pray that we will have more travels together in the future.

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