Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Beautiful Barquillos Maker

I have a beautiful barquillos maker.

Bought it on Shanghai St., Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

Last Saturday, Gilly and I tried making egg rolls or what we know as barquillos.  It was quite difficult and time consuming.  We cooked the wafer for about an hour and my family devoured it in less than 5 minutes!

I did not like the recipe we used because it tasted quite "eggy" and buttery.  I really wanted the barquillos I used to buy outside the church when I was little.

After dinner, I texted Cat and asked her if she wanted to make barquillos and she said, YES!

I looked for a simple recipe that does not contain any egg yolk, just egg whites.

"Cat! Are we going to make the whole recipe or half only?"

Half recipe only!

We adjusted it a bit.


1/4 C. butter

1/4 C. white sugar

1/2 t. vanilla

1 egg white

1/2 C. flour, sifted

Beat the butter, sugar and vanila.

Add the egg white and continue beating until fluffy.

Fold in the flour.

Put 1 teaspoon of batter on the wafer maker.

Count 10 seconds and flip the wafer maker.

Gently roll the wafer using the metal tube.

Cool a bit before removing from the tube.

Repeat until you have used up all the batter!

HAHAHAHA! Oh boy was that easy or not?!?!


But it tasted so good!  It shatters in your mouth when you eat it.

Am I going to make barquillos again?


As long as I have my beautiful barquillos maker at my side!

Thank you Cat for patiently cooking all the barquillos!

Until next time, OK?


  1. Oooh I want that barquillos maker. Do you remember the name of the shop where you bought it from? Yau Ma Tei really is heaven. The barquillos maker and the pricking gadget for roast pork is in my list to buy. Thanks

    1. Hello Maricel! The name of the store is I (heart) Cake. It's along Shanghai Street. Take the lift when you exit Yau Ma Tei station which will take you to the theatre. Same street as all the kitchen and baking stores.

  2. Where can i buy a barquillos pan? Thanks

    1. Hello! I don't know where to buy in Manila. I bought mine in HK.