Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My 21st Visit To Boracay - Part 1

Wow! 21 and counting since March of 2010.  It really is my favorite place.

And now... it is not just me who loves Boracay but my fellow travel mates, as well.

Pinky and Mona were with me.

We checked in at Azalaea Hotel and Residences.

OHHHH I really loved it because it has a full kitchen with pots and pans!

I have always dreamt of getting a hotel with a kitchen so I can cook!

Wish granted!  And boy did I cook with my assistants!

D'Talipapa was nearby so it was such a delight to go to the market and cook the seafood right away.

Sinigang na Lapu Lapu

and Halabos na Hipon for our first night.

Freshly baked pan de sal and menudo for our breakfast.

Pesang Lapu Lapu

with fresh tomato sauce.

Chili Garlic Shrimps in Butter

On our second night, we had Adobong Pusit with really black inky sauce

and Bicol Express!

When I saw the chili peppers at the market, I just had to cook Bicol Express!

Good thing, I had my bird's eye lampin (cloth diaper) with me so Pinky was able to use it to squeeze the coconut.

My dermatologist wants me to use a cloth diaper instead of face towel because my skin is very sensitive.

I had so much fun cooking  to the point that I did not want to leave our suite to go swimming!

But then my companions said we had to go out and enjoy the beach.

And we did!!!!

The reason why we always go back to Boracay is to enjoy its crystal clear waters!!!

The sunset is always spectacular.

We also love the street food!

Banana Cue

Cheese sticks.

Merly's Choriburger

Pork BBQ

We did not cook and eat at the suite the whole time.  We had one of our lunches at Nagisa Coffee Shop.

I ordered my usual Tempura.

Pinky and Mona had Camaron Rebosado

and Pancit Bihon.

Mona and I met up with Pia at Discovery Shores.

I was so excited to eat my favorite pizza at Two Seasons but to my disappointment.... it was not available because they did not have the Mediterranean sauce!

Wahhhhhhhh!!! So, I just drowned my sorrows in a glass of Mango Daiquiri

and Nachos!

You can now eat lechon at The Jeepney Stop, D'Mall.

My companions did not want to eat lechon so I just asked Manong to give me a little piece.  It was so good!  I vowed to myself to go back to the resto to eat lechon.  But the next day, there was no more lechon!!!!!

I was a little sad.... double whammy.  No Shrimp Pizza and no lechon.

But just a "little" sad because the fun outweighed the sadness.

How can you not have fun when you are with Pinky and Mona?!?!?!

It was always a laugh trip with Pinky!

And let's not forget Mona!

How can you not have fun when you have someone to watch over your things while you are having fun in the water??!?

Can you see how happy I was in Boracay????

But wait.....

There are a lot more reasons to be happy!

Wait for Part 2!