Sunday, April 17, 2016

Snow Ice Halo-Halo in Cebu

The Snow Ice Halo-Halo at Majestic, Ayala Center, Cebu is my new favorite.

It even trumps all the Lechon in Cebu, in my opinion.

And to think.... I do not even like halo-halo.

What's not to love? It looks like it is talking to you! Calling out your name.... "Lia! Lia!"

Original Flavor

Ube Flavor

Do you think I am the only one who thinks that the food is talking to me?

Check out the Leche flan! It looks like it might jump out of the screen!

Hahahahaha Ok... Enough dissertation. 

I also ordered siopao.

Siomai which I did not share with Jing and Mona.  I told them to get their own.

I shared an order of Chicken Feet with them, though.

We also ate at Rico's Lechon.

Again, I told the 2 that I am not sharing my lechon with them so they got their own.

Pinakbet for our fiber requirement.

Jing tried the CNT lechon at Food Choices, Ayala Cebu.

Belive it or not, I ate siomai again from Dimsum Break.

Jing said she cannot eat siomai all the time.  

Steamed fried rice.

Our favorite midnight snack, Ruffles With French Onion dip!

I brought my ipad with me so I could write.  I had so many back log because I was very busy and tired.  

Hahahahaha Jing posted this picture in FB and compalined that nobody was minding her!

Breakfast at the hotel.

I took Jing and Mona to Tymad Bistro.  My favorite dessert place in Cebu.

Mille Feuille

Chocolate Walnut Torte

Kouign Amman

Salted Caramel Crepe with homemade salted caramel ice cream.

Then, went to Abaca Baking Company to buy bread.  Half of my carry-on luggage was filled with bread.

We picked up Tita Jit and Ryan at the airport.  The reason why we were all in Cebu was......

Snow Ice Halo-Halo!

I tried the Ube and asked them to separate the "others". I only like the shaved ice.

As in..... We flew all the way to Cebu to eat halo-halo!

Late lunch at Majestic.

Siomai, 1 basket just for me.

Chicken feet.

Steamed Spareribs


Beef Wanton Mami

Lumpiang Shanghai.

On our way back to the airport, we had a snack  at Zubuchon Mactan.


Kamias Shake

I ordered my favorite Ube Cheesecake.

I love it because it does not taste like cream cheese but more of ube jalaya.

That was my 2 day food journey in Cebu!

I hope everybody's stomach got big as mine! Hahahahahaha!

So much food! So little time! Not enough space in the tummy!

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