Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quantum Of The Seas

Quantum of the Seas is the 2nd largest ship of its class in the Royal Carribean Cruise Liner.

It has a capacity of 4,000 passengers plus about 1,000 more crew.  It has 16 decks. 

Each lifeboat can accommodate about 350 people.

The Ka Escapades and I had a wonderful experience on board the Quantum of the Seas, Best of Nagasaki Cruise.

It was an exciting boarding day for us from Baoshan, China.

I shared a cabin with Mona.

We were known as .... Team Bel-Air Belles

Other teams were...

Team Eureka - Doc Bernie, Ate Odinah, Pinky and Dra. Cristina.

Team Infante - Eric, Jodie, Carrie and Gio.

Team Ramos - Alvin, Marty and Dra. Miko.

Inside the ship were different stores...

My favorite, of course, is Regalia.

Lots of activities for everybody...

Bump car - Nyora Mona in one of the cars.

Flow Rider.... That's Doc BF!

I Flyer - Alvin and Marty tried it.

Rock climbing

I was enjoying the cool weather on the top deck.  I was bare-legged and did not wear a jacket! Everybody was all coverd up.

Games for kids and teens.

There is also a video arcade but you have to pay $1.50 per game.


Drinking and show venues.

Bionic Bar! 

The robot mixes the cocktail for you!

Art Gallery


Solarium - an indoor multi level pool area.  It was my favorite place.  Want to know why?!? No kids allowed!

Hot tub

View from the Solarium

General pool area where the kids are allowed.  Every morning, there is an excercise session.


Other note-worthy areas of Quantum....

Glass floor at the top deck.

Lighting fixture at The Via

There were more areas of the ship I was not able to explore.  Quantum was just too huge! 

Even if we were a big group, we still managed to find each other.

Did I tell you there was no free internet onboard?!  No gadgets. No distraction.

It was an "us time" for the Ka Escapades.  

The cruise was really memorable not because of the ship but because of the company I had with me.

Until our next cruise!

Ships Ahoy!

PS. I'm going to write Part 2 now.... Wait for it! It's exciting! It's about food!


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