Friday, April 7, 2017

Lizzy's 3rd Birthday With Us

We are celebrating Lizzy's birthday today.

Tracy Tuason, my neighbor, gave her to me 3 years ago.  A rescue dog. She also gave Lizzy a cake!

When I first got her, she was very shy.

She is still shy up to now, though.

I really do not know how old Lizzy is.

Whenever she hears her Ninang Tricia's voice, she would come out from the other kitchen and greet her excitedly.  Ninang had dinner with us tonight to celebrate Lizzy's birthday.

Much to Snowball's annoyance.

The other night, Snowball was very angry because Ninang and Lizzy were together in the kitchen while she was "outside the kulambo" literally.

I am so lucky because Lizzy is such a sweet gentle dog.

Even when Snowball goes to the other kitchen and steals her food, Lizzy does not get angry.

She gets annoyed though whenever Snowball harrasses her.

Makulit puppy.  So I make sure Snowball does not get a chance to do it.

So grateful for the chance in making a difference in Lizzy's life.

Happy birthday, Lizzy!

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