Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shanghai Connections - My Last Installment

And so....the story continues.  

After disembarking from the ship, Quantum of the Seas, the Ka Escapdes then proceeded to one of the temples.  I was not paying attention and did not take note of the name.  

Next stop....


It was Alvin's birthday last April 7 and so the lunch at Tsui Wah was his treat!  

Hahahaha I told Alvin I want to be with him and his family every April 7!

After lunch, we went shopping at the French Concession.

I bought Cheese Tart! The crust was so flaky and the cheese tasted like cream cheese. It was hot and gooey.

Ice cream was my next dessert.

Took a peek inside the market.

Marty and Miko bought an onion pancake.

We tried the Dice "hopia".

While we were waiting for our coaster, we did some crazy photo ops.

Cristina was the naughtiest of the bunch.  She took this picture and sent it to our Viber group with a caption of:

Guess which room is Madam's? (I am known as Madam by my friends.)

Next stop was the IFC Mall area to take pictures of  the tall buildings of Shanghai.


I brought them to Super Brand Mall and ventured on my own.  It was Merienda time! I ate at Bi Feng Tang, a Cantonese restaurant.

I ordered the pan-fried shao long bao with crab roe.

Barbecue Pork Bun

Pineapple bun

Grand Shu Mai

Vermicellii roll with crispy shrimp crullers.

I was so stuffed already I thought I would burst!

While I was waiting for the group at the IFC entrance, Doc BF and Eric picked for another lauriat feast at......  

It is a Shanghainese restaurant on the 6th floor of Super Brand mall!

So many food! So little space in the stomach!

Must-try food when in Shanghai - Fried Shrimps, Red Pork and Xiao Long Bao

Believe it or not, probably not, but I only ate half an ice cube portion of each dish!

The night was not over yet! We went to The Bund for another round of photo ops!

Our last day in Shanghai was a bright and sunny day! Everybody can do and go where they like.

There was no full length mirror in our hotel room or in the hotel so I asked Pinky to take a full body shot of me so I will know how I look like.

I think I was waiting for forever.... Only to find out she and the kids were taking selfies!

Finally! She took one shot of me.  This is not really ootd but more of a "Do I look silly in my get up" kind of photo.

We had a quick lunch at the noodle house near our hotel.

Pinky and I teamed up while the rest went to other places to shop.

Oh my..... We went to Daimaru building and guess what we discovered?!?! Japanese toilets! With DRYER!

Hahahahahaha. We had to try it, of course.

We went to IFC mall to eat my favorite crepe at Momi & Toy's Creperie.  I had a Banana Chocolate Crepe.

Disney Store!

Merienda at the HK Dimsum in the Food Opera.

My last indulgence in Shanghai..... Godiva soft serve ice cream!

Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate!

We then headed back to the hotel to meet up with the group.  

Going to the airport, we took the Maglev train while our luggages were brought to the airport in a van.


It only took 8 minutes to get to Pudong International Airport with a speed of 301/kph!

When we were planning our trip, I was not too keen on Shanghai.  Where will I eat? Where will I shop?

Even if we were there for 3 whole days, before and after the cruise, there are still a lot of places to check out.

I would not mind going back to Shanghai! 

In fact, everybody loves Shanghai!

Thank you to my Ka Escapades .....

Team Bel-Air  Belles: Mona and Lia

Team Eureka: Doc Bernie, Dra. Cristina, Ate Odinah and Pinky

Team Infante : Jodie, Eric, Carrie and Gio

Team Ramos: Dra. Miko, Alvin and Marty

....for putting up with me!

 I am not used to traveling with a big group, I am usually by myself and yet they were very indulgent in my whims and my silliness!

This concludes my food journey!

Until the next adventure! 

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