Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dining Onboard Quantum Of The Seas

I waited for several months just to eat at my favorite Windjammer onboard Quantum of the Seas!

My most favorite food.....

Hotdog and Fries!


Hash Browns!

Ice cream!

Butter Almond and Pistachio

Butter Almond

Butter Almond with Hot Fudge Sauce, Black Walnuts and Sponge fingers.

Believe it or not.... Those were the food I have been looking forward to.

I would usually take my first dinner at Windjammer then proceed to the restaurants to eat with the rest of the Ka Escapades.

Noodle soup.

Tempura Maki

I loved the Cream of Mushroom soup.  

It was a rough sea day on day 2. The waves were so huge! The sea was churning!

I ate my usual hotdog but this time with tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

I was so excited to eat the Taco Salad I assembled! But then my stomach started to churn, as well.  I did not get to eat my salad. Had to rush to my cabin to drink Bonamine and rest.

Breakfast at Windjammer

The other dining outlets....

Coney Island

Sorrento's Pizza

Cafe Promenade

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Cookies! Loved it!


Silk - our black night dinner.

Alvin's pre-birthday dinner.

Grande, where we had our formal night.

Room Service on Day 4.  I was prepared and drank Bonamine all day long. Just had merienda at the cabin.

Sea condition on Day 4.

The food on Quantum was picture perfect.  It means, my camera loved it!

Gyoza, Silken Tofu, Shumai, Vietnamese Tacos, Salmon

Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay, Philly Cheesesteak, Yakitori and Fish fillet of sorts? I can't recall.

Maryland Crabcakes, Hoisin Duck Salad, Laksa and Singaporean noodles.

Salmon, Shrimp Scampi, Salmon again, Ceasar salad with fried batterd shrimps.

Risotto with truffle,  Braised Lamb shank, Duck ala orange and I really don't know what the last dish is.

Deep fried calamari, French Onion Soup, Escargot and Fish salad with toasted baguette.

Baby back ribs and Salmon with asparagus.

The food was plated beautifully. 

Hahahaha Everybody knows I am not a fan of pretty looking food.

I am more real and honest in my taste. Down to earth if I may say so.

The Ka Escapades peeps prefer their steak cooked medium - rare or well.

I prefer mine, WELL DONE and slightly toasted!

Everybody would cringe whenever I say, well done.  Even the waiters have this horrific look on their faces!  It is sacrilegious!

Hihihihi. Meet my well done Angus Prime Rib Steak!

Well done New York Steak!

Dessert to end each meal at dinner.

Red Velvet Cheesecake, Peanut butter mousse Reese's kind of dessert and espresso crepes. 

Molten Lava cake with Anglaise sauce, German Chocolate cake with coconut ice cream. I don't know what the last 2 desserts are called.

Grilled banana with vanilla ice cream and blueberry sauce, warm cookie cup, mango panna cotta and Brazo de Mercedes.

Remember my deal with God last Lent? I told God I will give up ice cream for the whole season of Lent so I will not get sick when I go on a cruise.

The prayer and sacrificed work! I was so afraid I will over eat and then I will question God's power.

But he made sure the sea condition was too rough for me to over indulge and made the rest of the food too beautiful!

Thank you dear Lord! You heard my prayers!

The rest of the passengers enjoyed the beautifully plated food! I'm sure of it!

Hermie will tease me again if I show her my favorite food at Windjammer.  

She will probably say, 

"What?!? You went on a cruise just to eat hotdogs, fries, hash brown and ice cream????"

Whatever floats your boat, right?

Hahahaha No pun intended.

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