Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scary Menu

It's not yet Halloween but my menu tonight was SCARY!!!!!

Well... scary for most but not for my friends.  They were so fearless!

Tita Nene, Pia, Babita, Tricia, Shey, Cat and Mona.

Let's start with the star of the night.

Bulalo..... just the bone marrow, no meat.

I bought it in Rustan's Rockwell several weeks ago.  I already know who my intended guest was at that time.  I whispered in Tita Nene's ear that I have a big bag of marrow stored in the freezer for us!

I added a few leaves so it would become healthy dish.

A lot of people are afraid to eat the marrow because they think it is high in cholesterol.

Yes, it is high in cholesterol but the good kind of cholesteriol.  I have researched extensively and consulted with Dr. Google. Hahahahaha! But seriously, I am not kidding you.

I had about 3-4 of the "utak".

Lechon Kawali.  I know it is Pia's favorite.

Adobong Alimango.

Last Sunday afternoon, the sun came out for a bit.  I rushed to Seaside Macapagal to buy small female crabs.  Small, because I needed the aligue for the sauce.

Shrimps in salted egg yolk sauce.

I think this is the deadliest of the bunch.  It looks so unassuming and safe but.... on the contrary....

I used half a cup of butter, half a cup of oil wherein the shrimps were fried, 6 salted egg yolks and a tall can of evaporated milk.

My guests brought dessert and drinks.

I asked them to buy Arce Dairy Mantecado ice cream.

A perfect match for my canonigo without sauce.

I used the egg whites of the leche flan I cooked the other day.


Chocolate Truffle cake.

I am very happy because my guests were happy, as well.

Everybody had a fill of their favorite food.

Dear Lord,

I hope everybody wakes up tomorrow!

Hihihihihi.... (imagine my witchy like laugh)  I forgot to ask my friends to sign a waiver!

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