Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Food Errands In Binondo

I loved my errands today!  I went to Binondo to buy ingredients I will need for my Wednesday merienda catering stint for KST.

But, of course, before anything else, I had to put gasoline in the tank!

I ordered my favorite Sizzling Noodles with Pork and Shrimps at President Grand Palace on Ongpin St.

And then, I bought the pickled mustard from Bee Tin grocery, also on Ongpin St.... a very important ingredient for the cua pao.

Buns from Salazar Bakery.

Crushed peanuts

Vermicelli noodles and soy sauce

And then a little more gasoline....

Wai Ying's sio mai.

Lava Pao

OHHHHHH! The ad did not lie!  The filling was really oozing out!

Kuya asked me to buy Hakaw and Sharkfin's dumplings for him.

I bought Pan de sal from Wan Kee Bakery and corn from the street vendor.

Super sweet and it did not take long to cook.  Just 20 minutes from the moment the water starts boiling.

My new discovery.... Eng Bee Tin's Pork Floss Hopia!

I super loved it!!!!  Munggo and pork floss filling!

FYI .... sorry... there's no more!

Hahahahaha Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

Well... it is that good!  I have no plans of sharing it or letting other people try.

It was surprising the traffic was very light today.  I just took an Uber from Rockwell.  I left at 12 and by 4 pm, I was back in Powerplant mall.

I hope to have more food errands in Binondo again!  I wanted to eat more but there was no more space in my stomach.

I wanted to buy more food but my shopping bags were very heavy already.

Next time, then.


  1. My last visit in Philippines one of our friends gave us a box of Floss hopia, I really enjoyed it so much and now once I get to to PI again I will buy more for gifts .

    1. My fave as well! They have a branch in Waltermart Makati. You don't have to go to Binondo anymore to buy the hopia floss.