Friday, September 2, 2016

Belated Birthday Thai Dinner With KST-Bel-Air Ladies

August was such a busy month for me and for my stomach which hardly had any rest!

I waited for Mona to return from her vacation in Canada.  My dinner was scheduled for August 30 but one of the neighbors died and Bel -Air was the mass sponsor for that night.

So, I just  moved it to September 1.

I chose a Thai menu for my friends.  We are all KST facilitators except for Mabel who is Cat's cousin and she is very close to our group.

Pudgy( my KST partner), Tricia, Anna, Babita, Shey, Cat, Mona and Mabel.


I experimented with Papaya Somtam.  It was my first time to do it.  I need more practice.


Nam Prik Ong


Bagoong Fried Rice


Shrimps in salted egg yolk sauce


Fried Fish Cakes


Dipping sauce for the fish cakes - sugar syrup, cucumber, wansuy and crushed peanuts.


Babita brought snacks from Vietnam.

Ampao with floss


And Dried Langka chips.


Anna offered to bring dessert!  

Salted Brownies from Buckey's!


Of course, I would not let an opportunity to blow the candle pass.  Hihihihi.  The only reason why I celebrate my birthday several times in a month.


Shey brought maple croissants and my favorite chocolate ganache cake from Yamato Bakery.

When my guests left, I brought it out so I can blow the candle again!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ladies for celebrating my birthday with me! 

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