Saturday, September 17, 2016

Junkies In Cebu! Timer Starts NOW!!!

The Junkies went to Cebu to celebrate Mona's 50th birthday.

Our trip was like an Amazing Race contest!  We only had a day to eat everything on my eatinerary I made for the group.

The night before, our van driver asked me for the itinerary and this was my reply:

Fr the airport if it is still too early sto nino church. We plan to eat breakfast at Abaca Baking Company, Crossroads, Sunburts It Park, Guadalupe church, CNT Guadalupe, Doming's ngo hiong,
Ayala center, Alejandro's, matias, tymad, rico's, tojong and then back to Mactan, Zubuchon then airport.

I was waiting for our driver to reply.  It took a while for him to answer me!  I was so afraid he got intimidated with all the places we are going to eat.

It was a long, long Friday.  Will do a time stamp post.

1:15 am

I set my alarm to ring at that hour but I was still awake at 12:24, so imagine I only slept for 45 minutes.

1:45 am

UBER picked us up from my house then picked up Tricia followed by Shey.  Cat just met us at the airport.

2:30 am

Coffee at Mc Donald's NAIA Terminal 3.  I mean, they all had coffee while I had the 6-pc nuggets meal with fries and regular Coke Zero.

4:00 am

Boarding time!  Wow, I can't believe it, Cebu Pac was on time.  It was already the 3rd time that the plane left on time since August of 2016.

6:00 am

The van picked us up at the arrival area of Mactan airport.  It was a 12 seater Grandia.  So comfy and we were able to leave our things while going around.  Kirk, our driver, said it was his first time to drive for passengers who just go to Cebu on a day trip to eat!

6:30 am

Fort San Pedro  was our first destination.  I told our driver, Kirk, that we need to kill time before we eat  breakfast.

Magellan's Cross

A quick visit to the Sto. Nino Church.

I wanted to buy siomai in Tisa but we did not have enough time.  I asked the driver to buy for us while having breakfast.  He even called up his Mom to buy and specifically reminded her not to forget the sauce.

It was frozen, 64 pcs.

We brought folding insulated bags then just bought ice at 7 Eleven.

I steamed my share this afternoon.

The sauce was extremely good!

It tasted like bagoong but with chili and black beans!

I've always wanted to try Siomai sa Tisa but I never got the chance until now.

7:30 am

Abaca Baking Company

Finally! I was able to bring the Junkies here!!!  Between the 5 of us, we bought 5 dozens assorted bread plus danish pastries, bagels and pretzels to bring home to Manila.  Half of my carry on case was filled with bread!  Tricia's whole case was filled with bread!

I was so excited to eat my favorite Waffle with caramelized Banana!

I even brought my own syrup which I prefer because it is sweeter.  I had to ask for extra cream because the serving this time was not as generous 3 weeks ago.

Chorizo Rice for Shey and Tricia.

Ohhhhh! I loved it! Even better than Dulcinea's.

Bakery Omelette for Mona and Cat.

Kirk went up to introduce his Dad, Manong Guy, who took over the driving duties for the day.  Kirk owns the van and let his Dad drive it so he could have extra income.  He was equally as pleasant as his son and was so engaging, as well.


Sunburst, Calyx I.T. Park

They have the best chicken skin chicharon in the city according to a lot of people.

One piece of drumstick for each one of us.

We cannot over eat early in the day because there were still a lot on my list!

10:00 am

Guadalupe Church

A quick prayer and photo op.

We could not proceed to our next food destination because we just had breakfast #1 and breakfast #2, hence the stopover but we were all glad to drop by to say our prayers especially of thanksgiving for the trip and beautiful weather in Cebu.

10:30 am

CNT Lechon, V. Rama branch

I wanted them to try the lechon.

Dipping sauce: vinegar, soy sauce and lots of mashed native sili.

11:00 am

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane Village

We just ordered 1 ngohiong each.  It is a spring roll filled with bamboo shoots and seasoned with ngohiong powder.

11:30 am

Ayala Center Cebu

We bought our pasalubongs and Mona and I shared an order of Snow Ice halo halo at Majestic.

It truly is our favorite but again, we could not order 1 each because we might get full before lunch.

1:00 pm

Montenegro's Sylvanas.  In my opinion, it tastes so much better than the one from Dumaguete.

We bought 20 pieces.

Then we told Manong Guy to go to our next destination because it was time for us eat lunch.  Then he said, I thought you already had lunch earlier!!!


"Manong, that was just our snack!"

1:15 pm

Alejandro's Crispy Pata

The friend of Shey and Cat, Paz, met us there with her daughter.

She was there earlier and already ordered Pochero Soup and Crispy Pata.  We asked her to pre-order for us to save time.

Crispy Pata

Pancit Bam-i, my favorite!  I finished almost the entire order!

Chicharon Bulaklak


And then it was almost time to head back to the airport.  We just ate the sylvanas in Alejandro's.  No more time to  have dessert at Tymad and buy chicken bbq at Matias.

2:30 pm

Rico's Lechon

We just picked up everybody's order of Rico's Spicy Lechon.

3:30 pm

Zubuchon, Marina Mall, Mactan

Yes!  We had a little time to have drinks!

Duhat Shake

Fresh Buko Juice

Zubuchon Rice meal so they could try the lechon that Anthony Bourdain declared as "The Best Pig Ever!"

We were so full, tired and sleep deprived already at this point.

4:15 pm

Mactan Airport

It was time to part with Manong Guy.  We paid him for the van rental, a total of 11 hours!

He said, in his 20 years as a taxi driver, it was his first time to go to some of the places where we went to eat!  He also said, I know more places than a native Cebuano would know.

 As an example, Paz said she did not know about Alejandro's and had to google it.  She has been a long time Cebu resident.

5:35 pm

Boarding time!

7:25 pm

The plane landed in Manila, 15 minutes ahead of schedule!  Wow!  What happened to Cebu Pacific??? 4th consecutive times it departed and landed on time!

This concludes the busy day of the Junkies!!!  We were so proud of ourselves because nobody had indigestion!  Perfect pacing and perfect timing!

Perfect company, as well!!!

I hope the Junkies, Cat, Mona, Shey and Tricia had a wonderful time!

I think they did because we are already planning our next Cebu food journey!!!

P.S.  My friends said I should offer my services as a Cebu food guide!!!  Yes! I accept!  Just pay for my airfare!

Hahahahaha I will pay for my own food because it might cost more than the airfare!

I am not kidding!  I can be your guide! Email me at

(Kirk's mobile number - 0925-612-1504 Van/Car for hire in Cebu)


  1. Thank you Maam Lia, Hope to see you back here in Cebu,. You have a great taste in foods :-)