Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas with my Family 2013

I spent Christmas Day with my family!

We do not celebrate on Christmas Eve but on the day itself.

My friends thought that I have been cooking a feast for Christmas!

But we only like to eat.....


We ordered a lechon de Leche ( about 8-10 kilos in size) good for our small family of 6 adults, 2 teen-aged girls and one little boy.

I think everybody knows that I only like to eat the crunchy skin and the ribs.

My Ate also likes the skin.

I was so happy when my nieces asked me to carve the meat for them! Yay! That meant more skin for us!

I also cooked Sotanghon soup. I used all the chicken bones I saved from the Relleno orders I cooked. The broth was very tasty and I did not use any artificial flavoring.

The Dinuguan came with the Lechon.

I loved the Shrimp Ukoy From Ate.

I have the recipe but cannot recall if I've written a post about it.

We had our dessert at PD's house.

Gift opening was also upstairs.

It was a looooong afternoon! We finished with the opening of Christmas gifts at 5:00 p.m. We had to watch as each family member, from the youngest to the oldest, open their presents!

It was a tiring day but Christmas is really happier spent with the family.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Merry Christmas from my Darling baby boy!



  1. Hello! Kindly send me your crispy okoy recipe! Many thanks in advance! God bLess! ^_^

    1. Hi Ghie! This is my okay recipe:
      1 t. Baking powder
      1 t. Baking soda
      1 C. Cornstarch
      1 t. MSG
      2/3 C. Water
      1 C Tagunton or very small shrimps

      Sift together the dry ingredients then add the water and Tagunton. Measure 2 Tbsps batter into a saucer. Using a spatula, push down into hot oil. Fry until golden brown.

    2. Many thanks sis! Bless You ExceedingLy!^_^

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