Sunday, December 29, 2013

Liza is Home for the Holidays!

Liza's home for the holidays! Yay!

She spent a couple of days with me! I asked her what she wanted to eat... She said, she only likes Filipino Food!

I asked my friends to come over to spend time with Liza.


Sam, Mona, Jing and Sherman, who is also home for the holidays from Jakarta.

Liza wanted to taste my Lechon Wrap.

I also cooked Sinigang na Lechon


I grilled Pork Liempo.

Sam brought a melt-in-the mouth slow simmered Beef Stew.

Sherman and Jing gave me Embutido

And Caramel cake from Becky's!

Mona cooked Ginataang Mais, special request from Liza.

Dinner.... I invited my classmates and we all enjoyed the food they brought!

Pork Barbecue from Dra. Tricia and Dra. Miko.

Pancit from Janette.

Steamed Shrimps from Jopet.

Lumpiang Shanghai from Mylene.

Mona cooked Palitaw, another special request.

Serla brought Chocnut Pie from Purple Oven.

Liza helped me with the Rellenong Manok.

I also served the Lechon Paksiw cooked by Hermie.

Thank you, friends, for all the yummy food you brought for Liza!!!!

Do you think we stopped eating when the guests left?!?!

Mona, Liza and I still had Popcorn for our midnight snack!

The popcorn from the US came with seasoned salt and butter powder!!! (Not microwave popcorn)

We were all so tired after a long day of eating and eating and eating!!!

We had brunch at Salcedo Saturday Market the next day.

Chicharon Bulaklak from Everybody's Cafe

Hamonado Longganisa from Everybody's Cafe

Pork BBQ from Ineng's

I told Liza to try the Pritchon.

Tita Ope gave me Chocolate Cupcakes!

The cupcakes were so good!!!!! I ate 4!

Liza and I have been talking over FaceTime all the time when she was in New York but it is still different when you see the person face to face in real time.

I am so happy Liza you are home for the holidays!




  1. Can you please post your Ate's shrimp ukoy recipe? I've looked all through your blogs but couldn't find it. Thank you in advance.

    Alice D.

    1. Hello. I'm so sorry for the late reply. I just discovered most of the messages went into another folder.

      I shared the recipe of the Ukoy in the comments section of the post where you saw the Ukoy..