Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busy Holiday Weekend!

I was so busy I did not have time to post in my blog. Last Saturday, my family was here for the birthday celebrations of my Ate and her husband, Butch.

I experimented with my Lola's Embutido recipe.

I do not know where to buy leaf lard nowadays. They do not even have it in Farmer's. I just used cling film before wrapping the Embutido in foil.

My brother in law is the White Spaghetti kind of person.

BonChon Style Fried Chicken Wings

Secret: I used Mc Cormick Korean Fried Chicken Mix, Soy Garlic Flavor.

Pork Barbecue

Hermie saved lots of pork fat for PD's BBQ!

Lots of "like"'in FB when I posted this picture:

My cousin Grace visited me in the evening.

She gave me Tarts and the special Tipas Taguig Hopia. I love All kinds of Hopia!

Mona and Corry whisked me away to their house in Alabang Hills.

We had an early midnight snack!

I am a bad houseguest. I snooped around their kitchen, opened their fridge and look what I found in their freezer!

Ha! No wonder Mona's cholesterol level is high! They don't use it for baking, only with bread!

Speaking of bread...... I am now officially off the wheat-free lifestyle for the holidays!!!!

I had my first pan de sal in months!!!!

Of course with Chinese Ham and butter!

I baked a batch of Dates and Nuts bar and I ate all the trimmed edges!

Used the dates my cousin Maybelle gave me from Dubai.

I am going to have Gluten full Christmas!

The Wriggly Chronicles

I have a little grocery thief in residence.

He was able to steal the brown paper bag!

I bought Tinapang Salinas from the one of the kiosks in Cash and Carry.


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