Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Would You Believe?!?

I have been struggling with my blood sugar for weeks. It has always been high since I went off the wheat free lifestyle during the holiday season.

I was so sad and worried. Of course, I want to control my diabetes but the temptation of food is so much greater than my need to control my disease.

I was really very good yesterday. I even experimented with wheat-free tempura and it was a success.

I got very hungry in the afternoon and only ate 100 grams of pepperoni lyoner from Rustan's deli.

I attended a meeting for the sub- parishes and I met my nemesis!!!!

Turon!!!! I ate 4 little pieces and thank goodness Vinnie bought Pancit Malabon instead of cooking a pasta dish.

I could not go to bed hungry .... I made...

Aspara Bacon!

It took me quite a while to roll and grill but it was super worth it!


Because when I tested myself this morning, my FBS was only 126!

Yay! I know I can do it! I just need to be focused and eat the right kind of food!

Would you believe that eating bacon, lots of bacon, could lower my blood sugar?!?!

Status - feeling happy!


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