Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cat! The Sans Rival Baker

Cat is our sans rival baker. She is a fast learner! I just taught her last week and tonight, she baked it on her own!


My only participation was to operate the kitchen aid.

The first thing she did was to separate the yolks from the whites for the buttercream frosting.

Next was to cut and fold the cashew nuts into the egg whites.

I am still trying to embed a video... Let's see if this will work.

Cat has an assistant baker, Shey.



Cat - mixing the buttercream frosting.


Shey helping out.... Hahahaha because she said she was getting impatient already.


And then... Our supervisor, Tricia,  arrived! 


There were 2 boy students, Jose and Vasco (Shey's son), who helped their Mommies. Assistant supervisor, Marga, observed the kiddie bakers in action.



The finished product of Cat! 


Earlier in the evening,  we assigned the boys to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. They did it on their own with the help of their Moms.



My serious students hard at work....



I am so proud of my students!


Next time, student Cat will conduct the sans rival cooking lesson!

I am confident she will be able to do it with flying colors!

Go, Cat - my sans rival baker! Teacher Lia is so proud of you!

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