Sunday, May 1, 2016

Labor Day Picnic

We had a Labor Day picnic at Mona's family home in Alabang!


Pinky was able to join us! 


I told her that the Batgirls only like simple food. 

Inihaw na liempo grilled by the Master Griller, Sherman!



Menudo by Mariger!

I told her to buy pan de sal! I always eat menudo with pan de sal!


Paksiw na Lechon


Daing na Bangus.  I like the fish that Mona buys in BF market.


The best way to eat Daing na Bangus is to top it with Aligue!  


And with Chicharon bits but I do not eat chicharon that often.

Burong manggang hilaw.


The mangoes I bought in Tanay.


Ensalada inpired by Lotus Pod.  


Grilled eggplant, grilled baby okra, tomatoes and onions drizzled with calamansi juice.

I assigned Pinky to bring bagoong and drinks!  


We all brought assorted chips.

Ohhhh I forgot to take picture of the Ginataang Mais cooked by Mona.

I loved all our food! We need to do this more often!

Thank you Mona and family for hosting!

Until the next picnic!

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