Monday, May 30, 2016

Burning The Midnight Oil

I just finished baking the cookies at 1:00 am.  Will give it as a gift tomorrow lunch.  


Busy as a bee! I told my friends, my next available time is on Friday! It is good that I am keeping busy these past few days.

We had a gathering at the house of Doc BF and Dra. Cristina for dinner.



They grilled the Lambchops.


Pinky cooked Mac and Cheese.


Jodie brought mashed potatoes and salad.



It was a spur of the moment Sundate.  I only brought Brownies which I baked last night.


They hosts brought out the sylvannas from the freezer.


I wanted to go to Mendokoro in Salcedo Village but I did not have enough time.

Time is gold.  

BF and Cristina just came from Japan and they bought instant ramen from Ichiran.



Thank goodness my ramen obsession today has been appeased.  


The whole afternoon was spent in the function room of Bel-Air for the launching of KST.

When I woke up this morning, I just brushed my teeth and dressed up really fast because FGM and I had a date in Megamall.

Zarks Burger! 

Ultimate Burger for me.


Burger with BBQ sauce for FGM.


Lots of activities this week! Hope I find time to write about it.

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