Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nueva Ecija's Longanisa De Recado

I finally found the longanisa of my dreams! 

Last Tuesday, longanisa pan de sal sandwich was served to us during our recollection.  I asked Tita Malyne, the caterer,  where she got the longanisa and she said from Arthur, the one who cooks for her.

It is salty, garlicky and fatty enough that oil was rendered after it was cooked.

If my Mom were alive, she would have loved it. 

Eating the longanisa brought back a lot of memories of  her.  I bet she would even drizzle the oil on her rice.

I let my Kuya try the longanisa but he said he prefers the hamonad0 variant.  Most people prefer the sweet kind. 

I suppose longanisa preference is relative.

There are a lot of longanisa out there, I know, but this one hits the spot.

What's not to like???? 

I do not have to go far to buy the longanisa.  It is available in Bel-Air Park.  There is a chest freezer across the canteen selling frozen goodies.

You may also contact Arthur for bulk orders.  He gets it from his Uncle in Nueva Ecija.

Arthur - 09208179849

How to cook longanisa:

Put 1 kilo of longanisa in a frying pan.
Add 1/2 C. water and simmer on high heat until almost all the water has evaporated.
Cover halfway with the lid and pierce each longanisa with a long bbq stick.  Be careful because hot oil might splatter on you.
Lower heat and fry it in its own fat turning the pieces all the time.
Cook until the longanisa is firm.
You may slice it vertically and fry until crispy.  Mona and I prefer it that way or you may serve it whole.

I hope it is also the longanisa of your dreams!


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