Saturday, August 12, 2017

HBD Everyday! And The Celebration Goes On and On...

Every day of August is Lia's birthday!

Hahaha I am getting a bit embarrassed already because a lot of friends have been greeting me online.

My friends really try to indulge me. We have been celebrating almost every day.

Jing and Sherman were my guests for Shabu Shabu lunch.

I used the electric pan I bought in Bangkok.

Of course, the most important thing is the birthday "kek" - the reason why I celebrate all the time.

My next HBD everyday celebration was at The Peninsula Manila, a staycation, thanks to Corry.

Mona gave me her gift.

I was with Mona and Pinky dropped by to hang out and chill until midnight.

Thai birthday dinner with my Bel-Air neighbors, FGM Cindy, Vinnie and Tita Menchit.

I brought home fresh rice noodles from Bangkok for the Pad Thai.

Mango Catfish Salad

Chinese Sausage from Bangkok

Thai Fried Chicken

HBD Everyday cake from FGM!

Assorted mini cakes from Vinnie.

Tita Menchit gave me serving platters that will be used in future eating activities.

I am not the only one with a birthday in August.  Tita Dely, Mayette's Aunt, celebrated her 89th birthday!

We had lunch at Comida China

Shrimps with Cashews

Beef with Broccoli Leaves

Chinese Fried Chicken

Fried Rice with Salted Fish

Pancit Bihon

Steamed Fish

Dessert and coffee at Mom and Tina's.

Next celebration was with Mariger! Even if she had sore eyes, we allowed her to join our lunch together with Janet, Sherman and Jing.

Sherman grills the best liempo!

I just cooked Beef Shortribs sinigang because I saw it was a very good cut of meat in Landmark.

Patis, calamansi and the atomic siling labuyo from Bangkok!

"Kek"!!!!  That was one of Vinnie's pastries.

Tonet is our classmate from the US. She invited us for lunch today at El Corazon, Uptown Mall.

Bubbles, Tonet, Jodie, Cristina, Dodai, Pinky and I.

Fishballs and Squidballs

Aligue Rice

Beef Morcon

Suam na Mais



After lunch, we all treated her for dessert at Mary Grace Cafe.

I had grilled ensaymada and hot chocolate.

Another HBD Everyday celebration with Jing and Sherman!

They invited me, Cecille and Armi at Yakimix Greenbelt

and dessert at Starbucks.

I had to have my "kek" and eat it too!

Thank you so much dear friends for celebrating my birthday with me almost everyday!

More to come!


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