Monday, February 22, 2016

Solo In Boracay

My companions left already yesterday but stayed behind in Discovery Shores because I wanted to write my blog post.

They have a great wifi signal and needed the speed for uploading the photos.  Took me over 2 hours to write and edit photos for my blog.

I had a cantaloupe shake with sweetener.  I am learning to drink beverages without sugar.

The resort's shuttle transferred me to my new hotel, YCL Boracay along the main road in between Astoria and D'mall.

It has good reviews in Trip Advisor.  It is a boutique hotel. The room is good for a solo traveller or 2 slim persons. Hahahaha.

All the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are built for tall people in Boracay! I remember the sink in Discovery, I had to stand on tip toes to brush my teeth! In my new hotel, my legs were hanging off the commode! Maybe I'm just too short? I always lie to people about my height. I tell them I'm 5 ft. tall but in reality, I am only 4'11".  

Ok,  fine!!! If I must tell the truth, I'm only 4'10" and 3/4!

My very, very late lunch was at I Love BBQ Backyard, D'Mall.

Bulalo Steak.

I was in a hurry because I wanted to hear mass at 4 pm.

Afterwards, I visited my friend, Lhen.  She has a dental clinic and a new shop on Bolabog Road 1-A called, Island Creations and Gallery.

She is also a photographer and well known by her sunset photos.

She even gave me a cute teddy bear toy and.......

A short story before I reveal the other present.

When I checked in to my new hotel, I thought there would be glasses for drinking water or for brushing the teeth.  But there was none.  I have a liter of water in my luggage and was wondering how will I be able to drink my medications? 

During mass, I was still bothered by the fact that there was no glass. I did not pray to God to provide me for a glass or cup.  He already knows what I need even without asking.

Back to the shop..... Lhen gave me a mug! With her photo of the sunset printed on it!

Problem solved! Thank you, God! 

I am still amazed and in awe how God provides for everything we need.

Thank you so much, Lhen! 

I checked out the new restaurants in Trip Advisor.  One of them is Lola's Pizza.

It's a hole-in-the-wall establishment but the orders were non-stop. They even deliver!

The crust is so thin and crispy! It is even better than the high-priced gourmet brick oven pizza!

Cheese was stringy and generous.

Flavor.... Well it is like my favorite Lotsa Pizza or 3M, Pinoy style pizza.  

Ohhhhh and I had something really bad but so good! A bottle of ice-cold Royal Tru-Orange!  

I stopped drinking Coke Zero when I was hospitalized, not because I am not allowed but just because I wanted to stop drinking it.

I love human interest stories.  Sometimes, I observe people around me and listen to them.  

Hahahaha Ok, I will admit that I am chismosa.  

The family in front of me seemed like they were happy! They were enjoying their food and lots of smiles and conversations.

They shared a 12 inch Hawaiian Pizza and only the kids were drinking Royal.

I thought of the families I see dining in posh and expensive restaurants and they don't even talk to each other.

My question now.... Who in "richer" between the two?

Solo travelling really opens your eyes and mind to everything.. You get to think, ponder and question about life.

But solo travelling has its downside.  When I am with Mona, she makes sure to check the hotel room if we left anything behind.

Since I was on my own, I forgot my comb in Discovery Shores! They were kind enough to bring it to YCL hotel!

My comb looks so ordinary. Why bother looking for it?

Because it is not! My comb is HAND MADE!

Hahahahahahaha I remember the time when Wriggly looked so spiffy after Hermie gave him a bath and blow dried his hair.  Only to find out that Yaya Hermie used my Acca Kappa hairbrush on Wriggly! The two brushes looked alike.

Hello?! Queen Elizabeth uses Acca Kappa! Hahahaha But apparently, in the Philippines, It was also Wriggly's brush!

Why is the comb story significant?

I can relate to it.  I am very low key.  People might think I am simple because I don't like to wear flashy, branded and expensive things.

I don't need it.  I know who I am and know my worth as a person.

Dinner last night was at Hap Chan. I just wanted hot Wanton Noodle soup.

Indeed, it was so hot I almost burned my throat! Just the way I like my soup.

Shrimp siomai.

Watermelon shake with no sugar!

I am experiencing "jet lag" in Boracay! I was awake at 6:30 in the morning!!! I always set my alarm at 9:30 am at home.

My hotel booking came with breakfast. I was given several choices but none that appealed to me, mostly processed food.  

I opted for an "American" breakfast. It consists of toasted bread, jam, butter, egg and bacon. I asked them to replace the bacon with another egg.

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs, toasted bread but I just had a bite or two and ate half of the apple I brought with me.

So.... That concludes my solo adventure in Boracay!

It is great to be alone sometimes! I love it!  

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