Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sweet Potato -The Good Carbs

Whenever I eat sweet potatoes, I noticed that the spike in sugar is not too high! I tested my sugar after 2 hours and it only increased by 19!

After a dinner of ribeye steak strips, buttered vegetables and sweet potatoes the other night, my before breakfast reading was only 122!

Breakfast- sweet potato, hard boiled egg and half an apple.

I had lunch with my sister at Kikufuji.  I had the tonkatsu meal.

If you look at my food, it seemed so innocent looking! Soup, rice, vegetables and pork chop.


My merienda was Fish Tacos of Bon Chon.  I have a fish tacos obsession.

When I checked my blood sugar before dinner it was 347! Susmariosep!

I therefore conclude, if I dine out, the rise in sugar is very high!

A simple dinner of broccoli with toasted shallots and oyster sauce, 175 grams of boiled shrimps and half cup of rice.

I got hungry at 1:30 in the morning! I ate a few pieces of sweet potato and Havarti Jalapeno cheese.

My reading was 156 before breakfast.  That is still high but not as alarming as 347.

I really have to test which food could trigger an abnormal spike in blood sugar.

For now, the sweet potato is a good carb option for me.

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