Monday, February 1, 2016

I Might Not Have Been Crazy After All!

Something has been bothering me since I got sick. I could not pin point it. It is making me crazy already.

You know how it is when everybody tells you something when you know it is not true but end up believing it anyway because everybody says it is true?

(Background music: Twilight Zone)

You are going to believe it because professionals and knowledgeable people say it is true?

And what you are thinking is incorrect?

This is making me doubt myself.

For the purpose of argument.... Please see if there is logic in my reasoning.

I never claimed to go on a carb free diet. Check my past posts, I've always said, No Sugar No Starch.

To most people, starch and carbs are the same. So I also get confused.

Vegetables are considered carbohydrates. I never stopped eating vegetables.

Check my timeline.


I started NSNS (No Sugar No Starch) diet. I remember cooking for my family.

I ate Pork Bbq and Nilagang baka with vegetables.

I went out and had sisig and egg for dinner with a little side order of atchara.


Breakfast was 2 hard boiled eggs and a cup of tea.

Lunch was 250 grams lechon.

Early dinner at Minsok Korean BBQ Grill. I ate everything except the Chinese Cabbage.

How can one say there were no carbs in my diet?


I started feeling tired and sleepy but I still cooked a vegetable omelette and tuyo.


I started throwing up but I still ate a little Sinigang na Bangus, which I was not able to hold.

In the afternoon, I ate 4 pieces of siomai with wrapper! Hello carbs????

Tinola soup for dinner.

I did not throw up anymore.


Everything I drank and ate went down the drain but I still ate a banana.

Did I starve myself? Did I not eat carbohydrates? This is the point when I started questioning my sanity.

I do not see any reason why I would suddenly develop Ketoacidosis when I've been eating.


I started taking Inovakana given to me by my new doctor. He gave me a box of 30.

After the 5th day of taking the medication, I started feeling sick.

I did research on diabetes and ketoacidosis only to stumble upon several websites of lawyers. There are a lot of patients in the US suing the Pharma company because they also developed ketoacidosis.

Pasting some of the websites here.

Did I make myself become ill or did the drug, Inovakana, make me sick?

I am still so confused now.

But with what I posted, it clearly showed I was still eating carbohydrates.

Ergo, I did not remove a food group from my diet!

I might not have been crazy after all!


The only thing I regret is not researching about Invokana before taking it blindly.






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