Friday, August 20, 2010

Reunion Dinner for Mia and Debbie

Wow! What a night! This reunion dinner was planned a couple of months ago. Mia told me she will be in Manila this August. Then another classmate, Debbie, will also be in town. So as early as July, my friends and I have been planning, organizing and exchanging emails.
I really wanted to cook something special for Mia because when we were in Grade School, I would always eat at their house during lunch because we had a gate pass and she lived across the school. In retrospect, I just realized that I should have been ashamed of myself because I would invite myself over to their house all the time... and it wasn't just in Mia's house! It was almost in all of my grade school classmates' homes.

I never felt that I was an uninvited guest. Mia and her family always made me feel welcome, and again, my other classmates too. Maybe that is the reason why I love inviting friends over for lunch or dinner... because in the past... their homes were always open to me and taught me how to open my home in return.

The food theme was Filipino for the "balikbayan" guests of honor, Mia and Debbie. Thank God for Facebook, we were able to plan really well, espcecially the food assignments.

Lia - Kare-Kare, rice and adobo

Marianne - Bagnet

Pia - Several bottles of Soda and ice

Catherine - She said Bagoong and "something", turned out, she meant, Bagoong and Gising gising - string beans with gata and bagoong.

Sarita - Lapid's Chicharon with Taba and shing a ling(I loved it!)

Mylene - Pancit Palabok from Olan's - I liked this pancit better than Amber's.

Jodie, Mico and Tricia - Bailon Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (My favorite!)

Kathleen - assorted fresh fruits: melon, watermelon, yellow mangoes and green mangoes

Candy - puto with red eggs and cheese

Mona - Buko pandan

Jo and Lei - pichi-pichi and non alcoholic sparkling drink

Gay - 1 box of assorted wine, plus she gave me a beer "banera" hehehe Wriggly has a new mini pool!!!!

Jopet - Tanduay and a "ream" of party favors

Dawn and Daisey - 2 bottles of wine

Michelle - Drinks

Cher - SURPRISE!!!!!!

Elar's Lechon

2 Weeks ago, I received the best morning text message from Cher, she said she was going to bring my BFF = LECHON!!!! Even before that, she already hinted in her FB message that her food assignment would be Lechon (I always capitalize the L in Lechon... it seems proper and respectful.)

I was so overwhelmed! Cher said since it was my most favorite food in the entire world and I was always such a good hostess in our previous reunions and get together, she wanted to give me a treat. The whole day and the following days, I was in a daze because I was so excited. There were times I would just smile when I think of the Lechon hahaha maybe some people might have wondered what I was smiling about.... and it was a beautiful and bright smile.... a smile a woman might bestow on a man hahahaha but in my case ... you already know the reason.

Thank you so much, Cher!!!!! You've made me a very happy person and all the hard work in preparing for this reunion was well worth it.

My plate

I am very glad the night turned out really well. I was so worried it might rain because it has been raining for the past several nights. Jo offered eggs and I prayed so hard in Baclaran and to God every 30 minutes, I think! Thank you, God!

Thank you also to all my classmates and teachers for making this reunion dinner a success.

Oh.... and ... Happy Birthday to me everyday!!!!

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