Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kuya and Mom!

December 23 is also the birthday of my Kuya and Mom.  Imagine, all 3 of them, including PD have the same birthday?  When my Mom was still alive, it was a tradition that she would treat for breakfast.

But today, PD took on that role and we had breakfast at Bizu, One Rockwell.

Since I cannot have the usual breakfast food with wheat, I ordered the La Manille set.

Beef Tapa with 2 sunny side up eggs and garlic fried rice.

I also had the hot chocolate with cream.

PD had the egg with caviar and ....

French Toast.

My Kuya's treat for lunch was Leonardo's Lechon.

I had a very long and busy day.  Hmmmmm what did I do today?

When I got home from Bizu, I cooked Butter Garlic Shrimps and Kare Kare for my Kuya.

Then I made the cream filling and puffs for the cream puffs ....and then ... I started preparing the food for dinner .... Boiled the chicken and pork liempo for the Pochero.

PD and I went to TWG, Greenbelt 5.

She had the Afternoon Tea set.

I had a pot of New York Breakfast Tea.... it has a slight chocolatey taste which I like very much.

Again, I could not eat anything from the Afternoon Tea set because of the bread and scones.

When I got home, a few neighbors and I had the block rosary at my house.  I am so glad that on Mom's birthday, I was able to pray the Rosary.

Then I started cooking dinner for our guests, my Mom's cousins from NY and my favorite Aunt and Uncle, aside from PD, of course.

Baked Mussels....

Lechon Kawali...

 Chicken and Pork Pochero with 2 kinds of Chorizo.

It was a very tiring day .... but it was worth it when all our guests said the food I cooked was very delicious! It makes me happy whenever they show their appreciation by helping themselves with several servings.

It makes my heart swell with joy and then .... suddenly I do not feel tired anymore.


  1. merry christmas lia! i know what you mean. i feel happy when other like my food... hihihi!

    1. Merry Christmas, Vicky!!! What did you cook for Christmas?

    2. i just made cathedral windows. i used 5 flavors for the gelatine: strawberry, lime, orange, lemon, grape