Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lili's Sunday Yum Cha Buffet

PD and I had lunch at Lili today.  Sunday buffets are different from the everyday Dim Sum buffet.  Drinks are inclusive, with main dishes, live cooking station, roasted station and dessert station.

(I am only posting the pictures of the food I ate, did not include PD's.)



Sio Mai

Har Gao

Shanghai-style steamed pork and crab meat dumpling

Chiu Chow-style steamed dumpling

Steamed Chinese sausage in glutinous roll

Steamed squid, garlic

Steamed  vegetarian rice rice roll

Steamed shrimp and golden mushroom rice roll

Baked barbecued puff pastry

Ham Shui Kok

Deep fried bean curd sheet & shrimp roll

Steamed chicken feet, abalone sauce

Deep-fried bicho-bicho, minced shrimp, wasabi sauce

Deep-fried mashed taro & seafood puff

Deep-fried chicken and taro spring roll

Deep-fried radish cake

Egg custard ball, coconut dust

Congee, sliced fish

Soup of the day - Hot and sour soup


Steamed garoupa fillet, black bean sauce

Wok-baked prawns, onion, spring onions, scallion

Wok-fried diced beef tenderloin, X.O. chili sauce

Wok-fried diced chicken, chili, Sichuan pepper

Pan-fried egg bean curd, special meat sauce

Wuxi-style slow-cooked spare ribs

Hot prawn salad

Simmered zucchini, conpoy & fish maw

Yeung chow-style fried rice

Sichuan-style dandadn noodle soup, minced pork


Pan-fried pancake, chives, ham

Beijing-style pan-fried pork dumplings


Honey-roasted spare ribs

Soya sauce chicken

Pig's knuckle, jelly fish

Barbecued pork belly

Roast duck & pork asado sushi

Oolong tea-marinated eggs


I got the Mango Pudding

and Coconut Jelly.

Even if there were more food selections, I still prefer the weekday dim sum buffet of Lili, more choices of dim sum.  I am not much of a fan of the main dishes.  BUT..... it was a good lunch just the same.  I am still so full as of this posting, I do not plan to eat dinner anymore.


  1. LIa, I cant take it anymore...the pictures are making me weak! I will graduate soon on Cohen, and planning to treat myself to a sinful meal, can you suggest a good resto, the best place youve ever eaten, yung sobrang sorbang worth it, coz you know I can only do this once! Hehe- happy

    PS: i like dimsum!

    1. Hi Happy! Congratulations in advance! My Ate graduated from Cohen several months ago and she likes Lili. I also love dimsum. I prefer Lili's Monday to Saturday buffet rather than their Sunday buffet. I cannot recall any other restaurant as my ultimate, ultimate favorite.

  2. Ayyyy I also like President Restaurant on Ongpin St. I love, love, love the sizzling noodles with shrimp and pork and their suckling pig.

  3. Thank you Lia! Im so excited, my tummy is making noises at this time of the night! I will try Lili then, the restaurant in Ongpin on another day. Cant wait!

    1. Hi Happy! I hope you enjoy the food at Lili's! Remember, there are more dimsum choices from Monday to Saturday!

  4. Yes Lia, I made special note of that :)