Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Junkies Cooking Night at Batcave 2

Where is Batcave 2?

Shey recently gave birth, her daughter is two months old! She wants to hang out with us but she has to feed her baby every 2 hours.

So..... If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Batcave 2 is Shey's house!

We did all our cooking and eating there tonight.

Pancit Palabok was our experiment.

Our sexy chef was so hard at work, chopping the spring onions and kinchay!

Look how wonderful! Monumental and Epic! For the books!!!

Hahahaha Cat... In the kitchen!

Cat.... Cooking in the kitchen!

Well, it was a team effort as well.

The sauce was made from the pounded heads of 2 kilos shrimps.

The different palabok toppings...

sliced eggs, flaked tinapa, boiled shrimps, toasted garlic, spring onions, tokwa with kinchay and Kalamansi.

The fried tokwa was for the tokwa't Baboy.

We also ordered pork BBQ from Heaven's.

The Pancit Palobok was very good!

Better than commercial made Pancit.

Not bad for a first experiment.

I just need to practice more to get the hang of it.





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