Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm in Love! With my new "Kalan"!

I have a new stove and I'm in love with it!

A few months ago, I saw Chef Bambi and he was gushing about his new stove!

Of course, I had to check it out! I immediately bought one!

It was not until yesterday that I was able to buy the hose, regulator and Gasul.

I asked the Gasul manong to install what I bought. I even tried it out several times.

I was so excited to cook the mixed vegetables for my family's Saturday lunch and do a demo for them!

When I switched it on..... Nothing happened! I tried it several times!

I was in panic mode. I immediately called security and asked to be connected to:


Hahahahahaha what I meant was: Tulong BAHAY!

The village maintenance people can come to your house and do simple repairs, like leaking faucets, or change the bulbs or install the Gasul.

Finally! It was working!

What I love most about my new stove is the flame!!!!


It is also an energy saving stove because you can cook the food in half the time.

And the quality of the food?!?!

My vegetables were crisp tender!

Because of the high temperature, it did not become mushy or overcooked.

Even my nieces who do not normally eat vegetables tried the sautéed veggies!

When the food looks very appetizing, then it is not a hardship at all to convince the kids to try it.

I am very excited to cook a lot of stir-fried dishes!

Pancit! Adobong pusit! Pad Thai! Kangkong with garlic! And a whole lot more!

I forgot already how much I bought my stove because it was a long time ago.

But....... If you want to order, please call Chef Bambi at 09206626708.

One or two burner stoves are available.

It's so worth it!

I'm in love!







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