Friday, January 18, 2013


Look what I got today?!!!!!!!!

It was really a surprise! One of PD's student, Mrs. Zamora, sent it to me today. She and her family loves my cheese pimiento spread. She asked PD if she could order but it is not included in my Lia's Food List.

I am just going to make her a big jar again next week.

She asked PD what she could give me.

PD said..... My niece loves to eat, eat and eat.... Then she goes to the doctor, doctor, doctor!

So......l got a healthy .... All natural.... Fresh fruit... Soft serve ice cream maker!

Thank you, Mrs. Zamora!

I already bought a bunch of bananas and put it in the freezer. Will use the machine tomorrow when my family eats at my house for lunch.

I plan to make banana choco chip cashew ice cream!

Wish me luck!