Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodies from my Fairy Godmother

Almost every night, Mona and I love to tell bedtime stories. We usually talk on the phone before midnight.

Here are some excerpts from our conversations:

Mona: Lia, I want to eat Kare Kare.

Lia: Mona, I want to eat hotdog with cheese sauce, chopped white onions and crumbled bacon.

Mona: I am excited about our barbecue party in March. Let's grill burgers and hotdogs.

Lia: Mona! Why are you thinking about our March food activity already? We still have a seafood party this February.

Lia: Mona, what is your favorite brand of bacon?

Mona: I like Hormel or Purefoods.

Lia: Mona! I want to eat bacon, a whole pack ! Then I want to heat a big can of pork and beans using the oil drippings of the bacon!

So, most nights we go to bed thinking about the food we talked about.

I posted on FB that I was so hungry! Then asked my neighbor what food she has at home.

Cindy replied, I will be there in 2 minutes, wait for me outside the gate.

Ohhhh look what my fairy godmother brought me for "past" midnight snack!

Bacon! A whole pack!

Cheese Sausage from Poco Deli! She was the one who also gave me sausages from the deli but super frozen I could not cook it yet.

A liter of pineapple juice!

Granny goose tortillos!

She even brought cakes from Breadtalk which I had to decline because I cannot eat wheat.

Ohhhhh what a lifesaver!

I cooked the cheese sausage. It was so good! Juicy! And the cheese was oozing out!

I let her try the Yonanas frozen fruit ice cream. She said, she liked it!

Ohhhhh..... so bad of me.... Hahahaha I was enjoying the sausage so much.... There was just a little bite or two left when I remembered I did not even offer her if she wanted some of the sausage she gave me!

It was so nice of Cindy to indulge me in my midnight yen.

Thanks, Cindy! Next time I go crazy in the middle of the night, will remember you are just a few corners away!


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