Friday, January 18, 2013

Escape from my Sinigang

I think everybody was trying to escape from my Sinigang na Tiyan ng Maya-Maya.

I was supposed to cook this for lunch yesterday but I woke up at noon and had the beefsteak instead.

I was supposed to cook it for dinner last night. PD asked me what was for dinner, I said, Fish Sinigang. She went to Rockwell to buy food.

This lunchtime, I asked if Mona and Corry wanted to eat Fish Sinigang, but they said, Tita Cena was expecting them for lunch. PD asked again what I was having for lunch, I answered, Sinigang! I usually give her what I have but oftentimes, she does not like my food.

But what everybody did not know was I got the belly of the fish!

The yummy, wiggly, jelly like fat of the Maya-Maya!

Oh boy! Did they miss a lot! I ate it with Boneless Bagoong Sauce with kalamansi and the jalapeƱo pepper from the soup. I used all natural ingredients, fresh miso and tamarind, not the packaged instant Sinigang mix.

Well..... Then more for Hermie and me!


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