Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sherman's Treat

Every time Sherman is home from abroad, we always get treated at Dampa on Macapagal. Yay!

While waiting for the others to arrive, Sherman bought a BIG bag of Chicharon!

Jing and I went to the wet market to buy our food.

All the orders were divided into 2 platters.

Green Mangoes with Bagoong....

The crabs with lots of aligue....cooked in chili sauce....

Dampa experience for us is not complete without the Butter Garlic Shrimps!

We always order Halaan Soup....

Calamares for our dry dish......

Mayette's request, plain salted Grilled Pork Belly!

Just the way I like my "inihaw na liempo".

I do not like it masked in sweet barbecue sauce.

Because we wanted something "healthy" we got a medium order of "Adobong Kangkong".

We missed Celina so I brought the Nips Candy she sent from the US...

I wore my other "eating dress". Jing said to wear something loose. Good thing I did! I was about to "give birth" after dinner! Hahahaha!

Thank you, Sherman and Jing for always inviting us to Dampa!

Hehehe! Sherman, that is why we are excited every time you are in Manila.

Have a safe trip back to Jakarta!

We did not have a Christmas party this year because of every body's busy schedule.

After dinner, we went to Starbucks to have coffee and for our yearly exchange gift.

I ordered a Dark Cherry Latte Frappuccino, Corry's treat!

Thank you!

Then we picked out the names of the recipients of our gifts.

Mayette gave her gift to Mona.

Mona gave her gift to Jing.

From Jing to Corry.

From Corry to Lia.

From Lia to Mariger....Hehehe I did not give her mooncake, I just used the bag!

From Mariger to Mayette.

The boys exchanged gifts with each other.

We were so thankful for another opportunity to be together!

We are one, big, happy family!

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