Thursday, January 10, 2013

Short Night with "Officemates".

I was about to leave for the new Glorietta when my Kuya asked me where I was headed. I said, I am going to meet with my officemates. He was surprised and asked, "Office???? Did you ever go to office?"

Hey! Once upon a time I was a "working girl"! I was an Executive Secretary to the Vice President of a corporation for 5 months! My boss was Ms. Ann and my "officemates" were Matess, Maya and Be! I really enjoyed my time with them and kept the friendship.... Almost 20 years now.

We would meet a few times a year to catch up on what's happening with everybody.

Too bad, Matess was not able to join us tonight, she had a meeting supposedly scheduled for last Monday but was moved to tonight instead. She was the one who chose Pho Bac at the new Glorietta.

Maya, Be and I had dinner minus Matess.

They had the Fried Spring rolls......


I ordered my own earlier while waiting for them.

Maya and Be also shared an order of Shrimp and Pomelo Salad.

I had one big bowl of Beef Ball Noodle soup.

When I am sick, I only want hot soup.

Time flew so fast and everybody had to go home already.

We all want to be with each other longer so, we are planning another get together. Maybe next week Matess can join already!


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