Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lazy Cooking Weather

Cool gloomy weather is lazy weather for me. I would either stay in bed the whole day or cook all day.

I woke up early.... early by my standards and went to Poblacion Market this morning. I was able to buy some seafood, vegetables and beef but not too much pork because they ran out already.

My neighbor, Triccia Lichauco, said I should try the skinless longanisa of Aling Cora.

I also bought beef tapa for my Ate and Kuya. They love the tapa of Aling Cora but I prefer my homemade Beef Tapa.

Jing was my guest for lunch. I got envious when Mayette said she cooked beefsteak using the rib-eye she bought from Mahogany Market in Tagaytay. I texted her to ask how she made it. She replied, 3 pcs. Kalamansi and soy sauce. You can add a little sugar if you like.

Ok.... Then.... I waited for the rest of the instructions.... Then I waited some more! She forgot because she got distracted by the person who came to their house.

I just cooked Sizzling Seafood for Jing!

I'm getting better and better with my experiments! It was my 2nd attempt. Jing said it was good! I just need to use a sizzling plate. I do own one but I do not know where it is! I cannot rummage in my store room because it might trigger my asthma allergy. I have not recovered yet from my New Year's Eve debacle.

I enjoy cooking in this kind of weather because it is not hot in my kitchen.

Finally.... Mayette replied and got the rest of the instructions for the Beef Steak.

I will probably eat it for dinner tomorrow night.

I also made the filling for the Lumpiang Shanghai, Hermie wrapped the spring rolls but she needs to buy more wrapper tomorrow. I am going to store it in the freezer.

PD's request from the market is Ginataang Langka.

I was able to buy live Hito. I asked Hermie to cook, Adobong Hito.... Will just fry it tomorrow because it is still half-cooked.

I bought tilapia that was still breathing! I wanted to cook Tamarind Fish but I do not have Tamarind paste anymore, so my dinner tonight is just the regular Escabeche.

I wish I can wake up early everyday and go to the market to buy fresh food. I prefer to buy my seafood, meat and vegetables in the wet market rather than the supermarket.

I am just waiting to feel hungry so I can eat my Tilapia and Ginataang Langka.



  1. really buying meat in a wet market is better? im a bit surprised there. if you do buy meat in the supermarket, what brand do you buy for beef and pork?

    1. Hi, Vicky! I prefer to buty my meat in the wet market if it is for personal consumption because in my opinion, the meat is more tender but the meat shrinks more than supermarket bought. That is why, for commercial purpose, I prefer the supermarket meat, less shrinkage.

      It was explained that wet market meat is fresh, not drained of its liquid yet, whereas supermarket meat has been left to hang in walk in freezer. Try to observe, sometimes the meat is compact.

      I buy my meat sometimes from Rustan's Rockwell only because it is near my house but my favorite is Mrs. Garcia's aka Farm fresh.