Friday, January 11, 2013

Get-Together with my Classmates

My classmates and I had a get together at my house tonight. We did not have an opportunity last December because we were all busy. Mona is our "saling pusa" batchmate.


As usual, the main activity was...... EATING!!!! That is what you can always expect at my house.

I made my Cheesy Beef Stew.... With lots of marrow!

Mona made her famous Beef Lasagna with several layers of homemade noodles.


Dra. Cristina, Dra. Mico and Boss Jodie brought the pork barbecue.


I loved it! They ordered it from Vito Cruz!

They asked me to buy the salad ingredients for them in Rustan's.....


We all enjoyed the Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing!


I even had 2 servings of salad greens.

Candy, Mylene and Eileen brought a huge tray of Mixed Maki!

Mylene actually asked me the other day if I have a special request for dessert.... Perhaps a cake but I told her I cannot eat cakes and would prefer if they bring food instead.

Jopet called me before coming over if she can bring cake for dessert! I told her I cannot eat cakes and I would rather eat ice cream. So.. That was settled.... Then I texted her not to get cookies and cream nor the ice cream with brownies. Probably exasperated with my "requests" hahahaha she called me again and read out the available flavors.

I chose Double Dutch! My favorite.....

And Pistachio and Cashew!


I assigned Janette to bring Soda and Ice.

Jopet also brought very delicious Pastillas de Leche from Bulacan Sweets!

Hahahaha I could not wait for her to finish her telephone conversation to ask if I can open the box already!


Mico brought the Mango Bars from Guimaras Island.

I love taking pictures of friends while getting food.... Very candid!

After dessert.... We listened to the most inspiring love story!!!! It was like a "teleserye"! The plot was even better!

It included a car chase, long distance love affair, cheating man, will do anything for the man she loves, lying man, a woman's ability at investigating her man, surprise marriage proposal and finally.... a whirlwind secret wedding! It really had all the elements of a Bea Alonzo movie.

I am so glad that after everything she went through, true love still prevailed and found the perfect man.... Not the lying, cheating SoB! Her story inspired me!

It was a really "juicy" love story. We were so enthralled at her narration... Hahahaha to the point that Jopet did not want us to interrupt while listening to our friend.

I am still hoping for my happily ever after.... But my Mom said, I have to kiss a lot of frogs before I get to kiss my prince. Hahaha! I do not want to kiss frogs anymore!!!!

I am very happy tonight..... I enjoyed the company of my classmates so much.

This was one of the best get togethers of all time. Until the next one!


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