Sunday, January 6, 2013


I recently discovered the delicious Delimondo products. I know, preservatives galore but I will get over my yen.... As soon as I get my fill.

My favorite is the Chili and Garlic Corned Beef!

It is not too spicy and I like the fact it is not dry, the meat is moist and comes in big chunks! I normally ask Hermie to cook the Purefoods corned beef until it is dry but I like my Delimondo "wet".

I am going to send one can to Lisa.

The other variant is Ranch Style Corned Beef.


I had it for brunch today.

The Deli Luncheon Meat.....


I was about to fry a few slices when I ran out of LPG cooking gas. I used the Tefal electric grill to heat the luncheon meat.

I cannot wait. I want to wake up already and eat either the luncheon meat again or the chili garlic corned beef with fried rice!


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