Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

My family and I always celebrate on New Year's Eve. Ever since I can remember, we always had Pork Bbq. Grandma and I used to marinate the pork. That was our yearly date. Then Mom would always follow the Filipino tradition of buying 12 kinds of fruits and eating anything round-shaped.

This year, I just prepared easy-to-cook food......

Baked Ribs....

Mashed potatoes and boiled sweet corn.....

Sotanghon soup....

Fruit salad...

Ate brought potato salad....


Honey Ham and Salami....

Hungarian And Schublig sausages.

When the clock struck 12, we all greeted each other and went out of the house to watch the fireworks display of Rockwell and Ayala.

In hindsight, It was NOT a very good idea for me. Allergy and smoke are not a good combination! It's the first day of the year and I'm suffering the effects of smoke inhalation last night. I will feel better soon because I am going to have my allergy shots on Thursday!  I do not know what I took before bedtime but it knocked me out immediately! I woke up at noon, had a quick lunch and slept the whole afternoon!!! Hermie removed it from the blister pack.  I know those meds are anti allergy meds but not the brand.  Dr. Canlas said, I should tell my maid not to remove them from its package. 

But whatever it was..... I was in Lalala Land... all night and all day long!!!

I am wishing everybody a prosperous and blessed 2013!


  1. Hi Ms. Lia. Happy New Year. This is the first time I am posting a comment but I have been following your Blog for quite a while. Thanks a lot for all recipes you shared. The baked ribs is a hit and its so easy to prepare :-). I am Lea :-)

    1. Hello, Lea! Happy New Year! Thank you for following my blog. It really makes me happy when people cook the recipes I shared and tell me it was a success!

  2. Happy new year! As usual, your food pics make me hungry... Hihihi! Hope you get better.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! Happy New Year to you and your family! I also hope to get well soon.