Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Food Today

I started with Fried Rice this morning. It is the old - fashioned Morisqueta Tostada. I just remember when we were younger, fried rice always had Chinese sausage.

I had to bake a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies because Cherry, the friend of Jing, ordered 2 dozens. Jing picked it up from my house and we cooked Mongolian Beef Barbecue.

I have tons and tons of vegetables because the prices are so l low in SM! Imagine? 25 pesos for a kilo of carrots? 1 HUGE red pepper is only 11 pesos? Time to be healthy and eat vegetables.

I let Jing try the Yonanas Frozen Fruit ice scream! We had the Mango and Melon flavor.

Is it not amazing? You just use frozen fruits and they will come out as soft serve ice cream or more like sorbet?

I was not planning on eating dinner anymore but I got hungry. I just assembled a salad with dates, roasted cashews, red onion and brown sugar-glazed bacon!!!!

God! That was good.

I am feeling a bit better now because I had my allergy shots today plus Dr. Canlas gave me a dose of steroids. I hope I get well soon!


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