Thursday, January 3, 2013

8 Hour "Lunch" at Chef's Galley

Whew! My grade school friends and I had an 8 hour lunch at Chef's Galley in Quezon City!

Lia, Dolly, Bibo, Marianne, Catherine and Bubbles
Our friend, Dolly, from Hawaii is in Manila for the holidays.

 It was also the birthday of Bubbles.

When we exchanged messages in a private email thread in FB, we all said that we would just eat healthy food because we over indulged during the holiday season. Plus, Dolly is a vegetarian.

But, did we?

Hmmmmmm....... I think not!!!! Hahahaha! We said, we just needed small plates because we will just have "pica-pica".

We had 2 orders of Mozzarella Sticks with Pomodoro Sauce, Marianne's favorite!

I loved the French Fries with Truffles dip! We also had 2 orders.

My very first time to taste truffles was at Bibo's Cafe a couple of years back. I suppose it is an acquired taste because eventually, I got to like it!

Dolly ordered the Rainbow Salad with the blue cheese on the side.

2 orders of the Seared Tuna with Wasabi Mayo...

The fish was very fresh because Bibo said she has a very good supplier.

Bubbles ordered the Baked New Zealand Mussels.

We also had the Truffle pasta....

Well they all did, I can't eat anything with flour.

Four Cheese Pizza.....

I tried a little crust because Bibo said she now has a new kitchen "gadget" to make it really light and crisp.

Pistou Pizza.....

I was able to enjoy the pizza by scraping off the topping.

Eggplant Parmigianna.....

Sauteed Kesong Puti??

I cannot recall what it is called on the menu.

Did we stop after eating all of those?????

Of course, not!

Around 5 pm I was about to leave but Bibo brought out potato chips! That was a game changer! We even asked for extra truffle dip!

Bibo cooked 2 batches of Foie Gras for us!

Towards the evening... Cooked food from their family home started arriving at our table!

Paksiw na Lechon, Lamb Adobo, Paella and Lentejas! We had to ask for several cups of rice! They even had Apple Crumble for dessert.

My voice was so hoarse when I woke up! Imagine we were all talking for 8 hours over "lunch".  The stories shared at our table were so diverse from "dehydrated testicles" to.... I think any topic under the sun!!!

And..... the bottles of Beachouse never stopped arriving at our table the whole time we were there! I normally do not indulge in alcoholic drinks but I enjoyed that one!

Thanks Bibo for letting us hangout at your Cafe!!!

I loved all your funny stories, Bubbles!  I especially loved the part when Paolo entered the Cafe!!!   That was priceless.

Dolly!  Will be trying the seasalt and water therapy!  Hehehehe I am not yet ready for the "change in diet" part of getting well but eventually .... I have to.  And Dolly?!?!?!  I should be saving for a trip to Waikiki!!!

Marianne and Catherine!!! Where did you stash all the food we ate??!?!  I am so amazed at these 2 slim women because they ate more than I did!!!

It was an enjoyable "shift" ( 1 work shift = 8 hours, fyi)!  I had fun and I was with wonderful people yesterday .... people who enjoyed good food, wine and company!!!


  1. Love how you chronicled our "lunch" Li! The food shots are beautiful... Even if I'm still in a food coma, I am kinda craving for all of them again....specially the mozzarella sticks and foie gras! Yummy! The Home Leftover Finale was sooo good too! :) now I'm really hungry! ayayay!!!

    And yes, Bubbles' reaction when Paolo came in is one for the books!!! LOL

    - Marianne

    1. Marianne! I can't wait to eat the truffle fries again! And of course, the foie gras!